Verudela Art Park Pula

Top Highlights

  • Unique blend of art and nature in a serene setting.
  • Historical significance intertwined with modern art installations.
  • Breathtaking views of the Adriatic Sea.
  • Regularly hosted art events and workshops.
  • Easy access and amenities for visitors.
  • One of the Pola top attractions for art and nature lovers alike.
  • Close to Ambrela beach

Discover the Hidden Gem of Croatia: Verudela Art Park in Pula, Where Nature Meets Creativity

About Verudela Art Park Pula

Tucked away in the scenic town of Pula, the Verudela Art Park Pula is a haven for art enthusiasts and nature lovers alike. Blending seamlessly with its natural surroundings, this attraction showcases a series of remarkable art installations that truly captivate the essence of Pola Art. Visitors find themselves immersed in an environment where every corner tells a story, and the bond between art and nature is celebrated.

The unique fusion of man-made artistry and the rugged beauty of Pula’s landscapes makes the park a gem among Pola top attractions. Whether you’re an art aficionado or simply someone looking to find solace amidst nature, Verudela Art Park Pula promises an experience unlike any other.

Verudela Art Park exhibition1

Historical Summary: Walking Through the Pages of Time

The roots of Verudela Art Park Pula stretch far back. It was envisioned by URBIS architects from Pula, Leonid Zuban and Dino Krizmanić, a passionate lover of Pola Art. His aim? To create a space where artists could display their works while intertwining them with the raw beauty of Pula’s landscapes.

Over the years, the park has seen several art movements and styles grace its grounds. From classical sculptures to avant-garde installations, the park’s rich history is a testament to the evolution of art in the region. As you walk through the park, you not only witness a display of creativity but also get a sense of the changing tides of time, reflecting the very essence of Pula Park.

The park’s establishment was not just about art. It was also a nod to the town’s cultural significance. Its purpose was two-fold: to offer artists a platform and to bring the community closer to the world of art.

At Verudela Art Park, visitors are treated to the works of eight distinguished artists. The masterpieces of academic sculptors Eros Čakić, Gualtiero, Simone Mocenni, Roberta Weissman Nagy, Bojan Šumonja, Siniša Majkus, and painter Robert Pauletta, as well as sculptor and painter Vedran Šilipetar, are beautifully displayed throughout the park.

The layout of the park is characterized by seven sculptures, each strategically positioned. These sculptures are interconnected with delicate, unbroken lines of Cor-Ten steel. A testament to the locale and theme of the park, the Cor-Ten steel proudly bears inscriptions of oceans and seas, capturing the essence of the area. This intricate design concept was brought to life by Željko Burić of Fabrika d.o.o.

But what truly brings the park to life after sunset is the brilliant lighting scheme. This was thoughtfully designed by the renowned lighting designer from Pula, Dean Skira, and his talented team. Further accentuating the park’s distinct character is its visual identity, meticulously crafted by the creative minds at studio Rašić + Vrabec.

What is There to See at Verudela Art Park Pula?

From intricate sculptures to grand installations, Verudela Art Park Pula has something for everyone. The artworks, often inspired by local tales and global themes, provide visitors with a unique perspective on Pola Art. Every visit promises new discoveries, with regularly changing exhibits and seasonal showcases.

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How Long Does a Visit Take?

Typically, a visit to Verudela Art Park Pula can last anywhere between 2 to 4 hours, depending on your interest in art and pace. However, with so much to see and do, many visitors often choose to spend a whole day here.

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Local Tips & Tricks

  • Visit during weekdays for a quieter experience.
  • Bring a picnic! There are several scenic spots to enjoy a meal.
  • Wear comfortable shoes as there’s a lot of walking involved.
  • Don’t forget to check out the park’s calendar for any special art events during your visit.

When to Visit Verudela Art Park Pula?

Spring and autumn are the best times to visit, offering pleasant weather and fewer crowds. The park is especially beautiful during the early mornings and late afternoons.

Contact Info

  • Address: Verudela 22, 52100, Pula

How to Get Here

  • Verudela Art Park Pula is beautifully situated at Verudela, right beside the Ambrela beach. If you’re driving from the center of Pula towards Verudela, simply follow the main road until its end. Once you arrive at the E&D caffe i restaurant, you’ve reached your destination.

Where to park

  • Great news for drivers – parking is available and completely free of charge near the E&D caffe i restaurant. We encourage visitors to use this parking area for convenience.


Verudela Art Park offers a unique combination of nature and art, making it a must-visit for art enthusiasts and those looking to enjoy a peaceful retreat away from the city’s hustle and bustle.

Where is Verudela Art Park located?

Verudela Art Park is located on the Verudela Peninsula, which is situated in the southern part of Pula. The park is nestled within a forested area, providing a tranquil backdrop for the displayed artworks.

What can visitors expect to see at Verudela Art Park?

Visitors to Verudela Art Park will encounter a range of sculptures and art installations set against the park’s natural landscape. These artworks are created by various international artists, blending contemporary art with the natural surroundings of the peninsula.

Is there an entrance fee to visit the park?

There is no entrance fee to the park.

How can I reach Verudela Art Park from Pula’s city center?

The park is easily accessible from the city center by car or local buses. There are also cycling routes and pedestrian pathways leading to the peninsula, offering a scenic journey to the park.

Are there any events or exhibitions held at the park?

Yes, Verudela Art Park often hosts various art-related events and temporary exhibitions. It’s a hub for cultural activities, especially during the summer months when both local and visiting artists showcase their work and engage with visitors through workshops and presentations.