Pula ferry terminal to Venice

Exploring Pula Ferry Terminal: Your Gateway to Venice

Top Highlights

  • Direct boat trip to Venice in just 3h 37m.
  • Safe harbor, protected from storms.
  • Convenient ferry line linking Istria, Croatia, to Venice.
  • The renowned “Anđela” boat ready to take you on your journey.
  • A mere distance of 98 nautical miles away from the romantic canals of Venice.
  • Adventure seekers
  • Romantic souls, and those craving an authentic Venetian experience right from Pula’s doorstep.

About the Harbor

Nestled in the vibrant city of Pula, the Pula ferry terminal to Venice is more than just a docking spot; it’s the beginning of an unforgettable journey.

  • Type of Harbor: An essential port that connects Istria, Croatia, to the dreamy landscapes of Venice. It’s not just a functional harbor but also a symbol of connection and the intertwining of cultures.
  • The Boat Trip: With the Anđela boat at the helm, you’re promised an adventure unlike any other. Its voyage is approximately 3h 37m, a journey of 98 nautical miles, offering an experience that’s as mesmerizing as the destination.
  • Pricing: While the journey isn’t the cheapest—adults are priced at 95.00 € and children between 7-13.99 years at 47.50 € for a one-way ticket—it’s an experience worth every penny.
  • Protection: No need to fear any storms! The harbor is meticulously designed to offer the utmost protection from any stormy surprises.
  • Location: It’s situated in the heart of Pula, making it convenient for travelers and locals alike.
  • Parking: As for parking? It’s still a mystery whether it’s free or not. But, hang tight, we’ve got some local tips coming up to address that!

List of Amenities

  • Well-maintained waiting areas.
  • Ticket counters for hassle-free bookings.
  • Clean restrooms.
  • Local eateries serving delicious Croatian delicacies.
  • Informative boards and signages.

What is There to See at the Harbor

From the bustling activities of fishermen to the gentle sway of boats against the azure waters, there’s a plethora of sights to soak in. It’s a blend of Pula’s rich history and the promise of Venetian adventures.

How to Reserve a Spot

Eager to sail into the port? Reservations are straightforward. Visit the official website or approach the ticket counter at the terminal. Remember to book in advance during peak seasons!

Local Tips & Tricks

  • Parking: Ask locals about hidden parking spots around the harbor. They always know the best kept secrets.
  • Best Time to Visit: Early mornings are less crowded and offer a serene ambiance.
  • Local Eateries: Try the fresh seafood dishes at the nearby stalls, a treat for your taste buds!

Opening Hours

When are the Opening Hours?
The harbor operates from 7:00 AM to 8:00 PM. However, it’s best to check the official website for any seasonal changes.

Contact Info

Working hours

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How long does the Pula ferry take to reach Venice?
The ferry takes approximately 3h 37m.

Is the Pula ferry terminal to Venice safe during storms?
Absolutely! The harbor is well-protected against storms.

Can I buy tickets for the Pula ferry to Venice on the spot?
Yes, there’s a ticket counter. However, it’s advisable to book in advance during peak seasons.

What’s special about the Anđela boat?
Anđela is one of the renowned boats providing a comfortable and memorable journey between Pula and Venice.