Port Bunarina Pula

The Ultimate Guide to Port Bunarina Pula

Top Highlights

  • Perfect gateway for sailors to explore Pula’s beauty.
  • Nautical amenities catering to boats of all sizes.
  • A taste of local life at the Municipal section.
  • Operational coastline for seamless sailing experiences.

About the Port Bunarina Pula

Nestled in the serene embrace of the Adriatic Sea, Pula Port Bunarina stands as a beacon for seasoned sailors and novice boat lovers alike. As one of the prime docks in Pula, Bunarina offers more than just a place to anchor. It’s a blend of modern facilities, rich history, and that unmatched Croatian hospitality.

The nautical section, marked vividly in red, caters to various boats, from the grand yachts to the modest sailboats, ensuring everyone gets their rightful spot under the sun. And for those who plan to sail in the warmer months, there’s the Quay B – a temporary haven for smaller vessels.

Move over to the Municipal section, and you’re welcomed by a different charm. Colorful boats bobbing gently, the sound of local chatter, and the picturesque backdrop make it an Instagram-worthy spot.

But what truly sets Pula Bunarina apart is its operational coastline. It might be painted in a calming yellow, but the hustle and bustle here are real, reflecting the heart and soul of Pula’s marine life.

Important information

  • Operating Hours: Open all year-round
  • Contact: Phone Number: +385 52 223 001
  • Note: If you need to call upfront for Marinas, use VHF channel 17
  • Payment: Cash and credit cards accepted
  • Gas Station Nearby: Boat Gas station Marina Veruda
  • Max Draft: 5.70 meters
  • PORT ID: 24926/VHF09
  • Location: 44°52,5´N 13°50.8´E

List of Amenities

  • Berth: At sea
  • Front Desk: Reception available
  • Services: Anchoring assistance provided
  • Utilities: Water and electricity supply
  • Facilities: Sanitary amenities
  • Equipment: Crane
  • Parking: Designated area for vehicles
  • Environment: Waste disposal services
  • Food & Beverage: Bunarina buffet
  • Clubs: Diving and sailing club
  • Extras: Charter services

Where Can You Dock

Nautical Section:

  • Includes Quay D and Piers 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, and 1T.
  • For smaller vessels, there’s the temporary Quay B, available from May 1st to October 31st.
  • Look for areas marked in red on the port map.
  • Total Berths: 290 available for sailors like you.

Municipal Section:

  • This section has a priority order for obtaining a permanent berth, which is stipulated by official regulations.
  • Check out areas highlighted in blue on the port map.
  • Total Berths: A total of 300 municipal berths await.

Before you set anchor, please note:

  • All boats and vessels must get permission from the Pula – Bunarina Port Authority before entering the harbor.
  • There are exceptions! Sports boats, fishing vessels, passenger carriers, taxis, and those with a signed Berth Agreement in the port don’t require prior permission.

Local Tips & Tricks

  1. Peak Seasons: While Pula Port is inviting all year round, for a quieter experience, consider the shoulder months.
  2. Eateries: Don’t miss the seafood delicacies at the local restaurants surrounding the port.
  3. Souvenirs: Local artisans often set up stalls near the Municipal section. Grab a keepsake or two!

Opening Hours

The Pula Port Bunarina welcomes sailors from dawn to dusk. But remember, for late-night docking, it’s always best to inform the Port Authority in advance.

September 1st to June 30th  –  7am to 3pm
July 1st to August 31st –  7am to 9pm


Berthing charges at Pula Bunarina are competitive, ensuring value for money. For a detailed price list, it’s recommended to contact the Port Authority or check their official website.

Contact Info

How to Get Here

Location: Verudela, Pula

  • From Pula Center, make your way towards Verudela. Keep an eye out for signs pointing to Verudela. Once you reach the end of the road, simply follow the signs marked “Bunarina”.

Where to park

  • No need to stress about where to leave your vehicle. Port Bunarina offers a private parking space exclusively for its guests, ensuring safety and convenience for your visit.


Is there a dedicated section for smaller boats at Pula Bunarina?
Yes, Quay B is reserved for smaller nautical vessels, especially from May 1st to October 31st.
How early should I inform the Port Authority for docking?
For regular hours, no prior intimation is required. But for late-night or early morning, a heads-up is always appreciated.
Are there dining options nearby?
Absolutely! Pula Port is surrounded by a plethora of restaurants offering local and international cuisines.
Can I book a berth online?
It’s best to check with the Port Authority’s official website for online booking options.
Is Pula Port Bunarina accessible throughout the year?
Yes, it is open all year round, but the experience varies with seasons, so plan accordingly.