Old Town Gallery Uliks in Pula

Old Town Gallery Uliks in Pula

Top Highlights

Discover the Old Town Gallery Uliks, nestled in the heart of Pula’s historic district, where art and history converge in a beautiful symphony. This gallery, founded in 1981, is dedicated to showcasing the creativity and talent of local, national, and international artists. Housed in a charming historical building on Sergijevaca Street, it offers a unique atmosphere that enhances the display of various art forms, from paintings and sculptures to photography and multimedia art.

Founded by the Association of Visual and Literary Creators (ULIKS), the Old Town Gallery aims to gather creative and talented art lovers under one roof. Since its inception, the gallery has been a beacon of cultural enrichment in Pula. The exhibitions hosted here cover a broad spectrum of artistic media and styles, ensuring there is something to captivate every visitor.

The Old Town Gallery Uliks is perfect for:

  • Art Enthusiasts: Immerse yourself in diverse and innovative art forms.
  • History Buffs: Enjoy the gallery’s setting within a historic building, adding to the cultural experience.
  • Families: Engage with art through various family-friendly events and workshops.
  • Travelers: Gain a deeper understanding of Pula’s cultural landscape.

When to Visit

The gallery is open year-round, with hours that adapt to seasonal demands and special events. For the most accurate visiting hours, it is advisable to check the official website or the gallery’s social media pages before planning your visit.

What is there to see

At the Old Town Gallery Uliks, you can explore:

  • Diverse Exhibitions: Featuring works from local, national, and international artists.
  • Thematic Exhibits: Including retrospectives, group shows, and solo exhibitions.
  • Cultural Events: Such as lectures, workshops, artist talks, and literary evenings.
  • Artistic Media: From painting and sculpture to graphic arts and multimedia installations.

Pula Local Artists

Pula is home to a vibrant community of local artists who contribute significantly to the city’s rich cultural landscape. The Old Town Gallery Uliks frequently collaborates with these talented individuals, showcasing their works and supporting their artistic endeavors. To learn more about Pula’s local artists and explore their works, visit the Pula Local Artists page.

Contact Info

  • Address: Kandlerova ul. 14, 52100, Pula
  • Phone: +385 91 581 9770

How to Get Here

  • Getting to the Old Town Gallery Uliks from the center of Pula is a straightforward and enjoyable experience. Here’s a simple guide to help you reach this cultural gem effortlessly.

    By Foot

    Walking is the most pleasant way to reach the gallery, allowing you to enjoy the beautiful sights of Pula along the way.

    1. Start at the Forum: The Forum is the central square of Pula, and it’s a great starting point for your journey.
    2. Head East on Sergijevaca Street: Walk along the main street, Sergijevaca, which is one of the busiest and most well-known streets in Pula. This street is full of shops, cafes, and historical landmarks.
    3. Continue Straight: Follow Sergijevaca Street for about 10 minutes. The street is pedestrian-friendly and lined with signs guiding you to various attractions.
    4. Arrive at the Gallery: The Old Town Gallery Uliks will be on your right, housed in a charming historical building. Look out for its distinctive facade.

Where to park

  • For parking recommendations, please refer to our Where-to-Park section. We provide detailed information on all available parking spots.


What is the Old Town Gallery Uliks?
The Old Town Gallery Uliks is an art gallery located in the historic center of Pula, showcasing a variety of artistic works from local, national, and international artists.
Where is the gallery located?
The gallery is situated on Sergijevaca Street, one of the busiest and most well-known streets in Pula.
What can I expect to see at the gallery?
Visitors can expect to see a diverse range of exhibitions that include paintings, sculptures, photography, and multimedia art, along with various cultural events.
Is there an entry fee?
For information on entry fees, it is best to check the gallery’s official website or contact them directly.
Are there any special events hosted at the gallery?
Yes, the gallery frequently hosts special events such as lectures, workshops, artist talks, and literary evenings.

Visit the Old Town Gallery Uliks to experience a blend of historical charm and contemporary art, making it a must-see destination in Pula for any art lover or cultural enthusiast.