Government hospital in Pula

Pula Government Hospital: Your Comprehensive Guide

Top Highlights

  • Located in the heart of Kaštanjer, Pula.
  • Spacious parking area, exclusively for hospital visitors.
  • 24/7 emergency reception with dedicated professional doctors.
  • Wheelchair accessible facilities.
  • Comprehensive departments catering to various medical needs.
  • Travelers in need of medical care while in Pula.
  • Locals seeking specialized treatments.
  • Anyone in need of emergency medical assistance.

About Pula Government Hospital

Pula, a city laden with ancient Roman history, houses the Pula Government Hospital – an epitome of advanced medical care blended with a rich healthcare legacy. The hospital’s history traces back to several decades when Pula decided to equip itself with a state-of-the-art facility, catering to its inhabitants and the influx of visitors the city witnesses annually.

Situated in Kaštanjer, the hospital has not only been a place for medical care but also a pillar of strength and trust for the locals and tourists alike. Its emergency reception, always bustling with activities, stands as a testimony to the dedication and expertise of the doctors at Pula Government Hospital.

One unique aspect is its parking. It’s expansive yet reserved solely for those visiting the hospital, ensuring convenience and promptness, especially during emergencies.

List of Amenities

  • 24/7 Emergency Reception
  • Wheelchair-accessible infrastructure
  • Advanced Medical Equipment
  • Comfortable Patient Rooms

List of Departments

Pula Government Hospital prides itself on housing diverse medical departments:

  • Cardiology
  • Neurology
  • Orthopedics
  • Pediatrics
  • Radiology
  • General Medicine

Contact Info

he Government Hospital in Pula is conveniently situated at Santoriova 24a, ensuring effortless accessibility from various parts of the city.

How to Get Here

  • Start at Pula City Mall: The hospital’s proximity to Pula City Mall makes it a recognizable landmark to initiate your journey from.
  • Take Santoriova Street: Upon exiting the mall, head onto Santoriova Street.
  • Navigate to the First Crossroad: Drive along Santoriova until you approach the first crossroad.
  • Spot the Hospital: At this junction, turn your gaze to the left, and you’ll instantly notice the prominent structure of the Government Hospital.

The straightforward route ensures a hassle-free experience, even for those unfamiliar with Pula’s cityscape.

Where to park

Parking at the Government Hospital in Pula is made convenient for all its visitors.

  • Free Parking: The hospital offers free parking, alleviating any concerns about added costs.
  • Dedicated Hospital Parking: The hospital boasts its own exclusive parking area, ensuring ample space for all visitors.
  • Secure Access: The parking area is safeguarded with a ramp system for added security.
  • Parking Procedure: Upon entering the parking lot, you’ll receive a paper ticket from the machine. Ensure to collect the receipt upon dispensation.
  • Important Reminder: It’s vital to keep the parking receipt safe. Before leaving the hospital, present the receipt at the counter.

Remember, a misplaced receipt might cause delays during your exit, so it’s crucial to store it in a secure location throughout your visit. With this straightforward parking system, the hospital ensures a seamless experience for all its visitors.



Where is the Government hospital located in Pula?

The main government hospital in Pula is centrally located and easily accessible.

Do they have an emergency department?

Yes, the government hospital in Pula is equipped with an emergency department that provides 24/7 services to both residents and tourists.

What languages do the hospital staff speak?

While Croatian is the primary language, many of the hospital staff, especially in departments frequented by tourists, can communicate in English. It might also be possible to find staff who speak other major European languages.

Do I need travel insurance to receive treatment?

It’s always recommended to have travel insurance when visiting another country. While the hospital will not refuse emergency care, having insurance can significantly reduce costs and complications.

How are the medical facilities and standards in the hospital?

The government hospital in Pula is equipped with modern facilities and maintains European medical standards. The staff is well-trained, and the hospital offers a range of medical services.

Can I get prescription medications at the hospital?

Yes, after consultation, doctors can provide prescriptions which can be filled at the hospital pharmacy or other local pharmacies.

What payment methods are accepted?

Most major credit cards and cash payments in Croatian Kuna are accepted. It’s a good idea to confirm payment methods upon arrival or when booking an appointment.

Is there a separate department or wing for tourists?

While there’s no specific department exclusively for tourists, the hospital is accustomed to treating international visitors and has protocols in place to assist them.

How do I book an appointment for non-emergency treatments?

You can book an appointment by calling the hospital’s main line or through their official website if they have an online booking system.

What should I do if I have specific medical needs or conditions?

If you have specific medical needs, it’s advised to contact the hospital in advance to ensure they can accommodate your requirements and provide necessary care.