Veruda Farmers market Pula

Discovering Pula’s Veruda Farmers Market

  • Food enthusiasts
  • Families, and anyone keen to dive into the heart of Pula’s culinary scene.


Veruda Farmers Market stands as a vibrant showcase of Istria’s rich agricultural tapestry.

About the City Farmer’s Market Pula

Located in the bustling neighborhood of Veruda, this farmers market is a hub for local producers and artisans.

Local Tips & Tricks

  • Visit early for the best selection.
  • Don’t hesitate to ask vendors for samples or cooking tips.
  • Bring a reusable bag for your purchases.

Opening Hours

Typically, the market operates from early morning until mid-afternoon.


The market offers items across a wide price range, ensuring there’s something for every budget.


Cash is king at the farmers market, though some vendors may accept credit cards.

Contact Info

  • Address: Tomasinijeva ul. 30, 52100, Pula

How to Get Here

  • Location: The Veruda Farmers market Pula is easily accessible whether you’re driving or walking, located near King Tomislav Square

Where to park

  • Given the market’s location in Pula, there are free parking places near by.


What products can I find at the Veruda Farmers’ Market?
A wide range of products including fresh fruits, vegetables, artisan cheeses, cured meats, and handmade goods.
Is Veruda Farmers’ Market suitable for family visits?
Yes, it offers a family-friendly atmosphere with a variety of food options and local products that appeal to all ages.
How can I pay at the market?
Most vendors accept cash, and some may accept credit cards. It’s recommended to carry some cash for convenience.