Pizzeria TiVoli Pula

Top Highlights

  • Located in the scenic Veli vrh area of Pula
  • A vast variety of Italian, Mediterranean, and Southern-Italian pizza options
  • Family-friendly with kids playground and free parking
  • Quick service due to a large number of friendly waitstaff
  • Suitable for various diets: Vegetarian, Vegan, and Gluten-Free
  • Open all year round

TiVoli Pizzeria – A Culinary Gem in Pula

  • Families visiting Pula
  • Pizza enthusiasts searching for the best slice in town
  • Travelers seeking a blend of traditional and modern European cuisines
  • Anyone looking for a cozy spot with both indoor and outdoor seating options

About TiVoli Pizzeria

Nestled in Pula’s beautiful Veli vrh area, TiVoli Pizzeria is a testament to authentic Italian, Mediterranean, European, Neapolitan, Campania, and Southern-Italian flavors. The first thing you’d notice about this charming eatery is its spaciousness. It’s an exceptionally large restaurant complemented by both an outdoor terrace and an ample indoor area. The décor, while decent, stands out because of its understated elegance.

What makes the dining experience at TiVoli stand out even more is their service. Despite the vastness of the space, there’s never a moment where you’d feel neglected. Thanks to the abundant, attentive waitstaff, the service is swift and amiable.

As for the culinary experience, it’s truly a journey through Europe’s finest. An array of pizzas awaits you, from local specialities to timeless classics. During my visit, I delved into some of the local options while also indulging in classic flavors. The recommendation? Every pizza on the menu!

Moreover, TiVoli goes above and beyond to cater to various dietary needs, offering vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free options. Whether you’re there for lunch, a late-night bite, brunch, or dinner, there’s something for every meal and every palate. Price-wise, you’ll find it quite reasonable, especially considering the quality and the ambiance.

A notable mention must be made for families. TiVoli is incredibly family-friendly. Children have their own play area, ensuring they’re entertained as you unwind. This combined with free parking, and you’ve got the perfect family outing in Pula.

List of Amenities

  • Indoor and Outdoor seating: Enjoy the ambiance inside or relish the Pula breeze outside.
  • Delivery: Craving their pizza at home? They’ve got you covered.
  • Wheelchair-accessible: Ensuring everyone has a great time.
  • Dogs allowed: Your furry friend is welcome too!
  • Kid-friendly: A special area dedicated to the little ones.
  • Free parking: Hassle-free experience from start to finish.

Working hours

Monday – Closed
Tuesday – 14:00 – 23.00
Wednesday – 14:00 – 23.00
Thursday – 14:00 – 23.00
Friday – 10:00 – 23.00
Saturday – 10:00 – 23.00
Sunday – 10:00 – 23.00

Local Tips & Tricks

  • When to visit TiVoli Pizzeria? Anytime you crave authentic European pizza!
  • Where is TiVoli Pizzeria? Located in the serene Veli vrh region of Pula.
  • How do I get there? Follow the signs for Veli vrh; it’s a known spot!
  • Where to find parking? Worry not! They offer free parking for all their customers.

Contact Info

  • Address:Veli vrh 1, 52100, Pula
  • Contact: +385 52 508 000
  • www: Pizzeria TiVoli

How to Get Here

Location: Veli Vrh, Pula


  • Start from Pula Centre and drive towards Riva.
  • At the main crossroad (known as “Rotor”), turn left onto Street St. Petra.
  • Continue straight, passing the Railway station on your right side.
  • After approximately 600 meters from the Railway station, you’ll spot a sign for “Pizzeria TiVoli”.
  • Turn right at this sign.

Where to park

  • Free parking is available near Pizzeria TiVoli.


Is TiVoli Pizzeria good for large groups?
Absolutely! Its expansive seating area caters perfectly to large parties.
Do I need to reserve a table?
While walk-ins are welcome, reservations are recommended during peak hours.
Are there vegan pizza options available?
Yes, TiVoli offers both vegan and vegetarian-friendly pizzas.
Can I order a custom pizza with my choice of toppings?
Definitely! They’re accommodating to custom orders.
How’s the ambiance during the evenings?
The outdoor terrace under the Pula sky offers a romantic and cozy ambiance, perfect for evening dining.
Do they serve alcohol?
Yes, they have a selection of wines and beers.
Is it close to the main tourist attractions in Pula?
It’s conveniently located in Veli vrh, making it accessible from most parts of the city.