Tito’s Park Pula

Top Highlights

  • A serene place to unwind amidst nature
  • Kid-friendly amenities and activities
  • Proximity to Pula Centar and the famous Arena
  • Strictly maintained for optimum safety
  • Dogs allowed, ensuring a peaceful environment

Pula Tito’s Park: A Blissful Respite in the Heart of the City

  • Families
  • Solo travelers
  • Couples, and anyone in need of a restful retreat within Pula’s bustling Centar
  • Children
  • Families with pets

Tito’s Park Pula

List of Amenities

  • Swings and slides for children
  • Spacious kids playground
  • Benches for relaxation
  • Paved paths for easy navigation

About Tito’s Park Pula

Located in the heart of Pula Centar, Tito’s Park Pula stands as one of the Pula top Parks offering a tranquil escape from the city’s hustle and bustle. Imagine a day when you just need a moment to breathe, listen to the rustling leaves, and watch kids gleefully play. This park provides just that!

One of its standout features is the comforting shade under its age-old trees. The scorching summer sun of Pula seems almost like a distant reality when you’re seated here. Families, especially those with kids, will find it a boon. With swings, slides, and a well-equipped kids’ playground, it’s a child’s paradise.

When to visit Tito’s Park?

Spring and fall are ideal, with moderate temperatures and fewer crowds. However, the park’s shade makes even summer visits pleasant.

Tito’s Park Pula

What is there to see at Tito’s Park?

Apart from its natural beauty and kids’ amenities, the park itself stands as a testament to Pula’s commitment to preserving green spaces within its urban landscape. The meticulously maintained grounds and plants are a treat to the eyes.

How long does a visit take?

Typically, visitors spend around 1-2 hours, but you’re always welcome to stay longer and soak in the park’s serene ambiance.

Local Tips & Tricks

  • Best time for a quiet experience is during the early morning hours.
  • Keep an eye out for local events or community gatherings, which occasionally take place here.

How do I get there?

Being in the heart of the city, it’s a short walk from most downtown accommodations. Public transport also has multiple routes passing nearby.

How to Get Here

  • Tito’s Park in Pula is centrally located, in close proximity to both the Arena and the ACI Marina Pula.

Where to park

  • Please refer to the where-to-park section for a comprehensive list of available parking options.


Is Pula Tito’s Park family-friendly?
Absolutely! Tito’s Park is a favorite among families. It offers a kids’ playground equipped with swings, slides, and other play areas. The park’s atmosphere is calm and serene, perfect for both kids and adults to relax and enjoy.

Are pets, specifically dogs, allowed in the park?
Yes, Tito’s Park has a policy allowing dogs. It’s essential to respect this rule to maintain the park’s cleanliness and ensure the comfort of all visitors, especially families with young children.

How close is Tito’s Park to other major attractions in Pula?
Tito’s Park boasts a prime location in Pula Centar, making it conveniently close to many major attractions. One notable nearby site is the historic Pula Arena. After a leisurely time at the park, visitors can easily explore other parts of the city on foot or by public transport.

What facilities does the park offer?
Apart from the beautifully maintained green spaces and trees providing shade, Tito’s Park offers a playground for kids. There are benches for those looking to relax and soak in the park’s ambiance. However, visitors should note that there are no public restrooms within the park, so it’s a good idea to plan accordingly.

What’s the best time to visit Pula Tito’s Park?
While the park is open year-round, spring and early summer are particularly beautiful with blooming flowers and pleasant temperatures. Morning hours and late afternoons are ideal times to avoid the midday sun and enjoy a cooler atmosphere. If you’re looking to avoid crowds, visiting on weekdays might be a good idea.