Tavern TAJ Pula

Tavern TAJ Pula: A Culinary Journey

Top Highlights

  • Outdoor seating that sets the perfect ambiance.
  • A wide variety of options: Dine-in, Takeaway, but remember, no delivery.
  • Kid-friendly: From the menu to the high chairs.
  • Special amenities: Fireplace, Wheelchair-accessible, and free street parking.
  • Payment made easy with options like Credit cards, Debit cards, and NFC mobile payments.


Planning a visit to Pula anytime soon? If you’re on the lookout for a dining experience that will not only tickle your taste buds but also provide a warm, intimate atmosphere, then Tavern TAJ Pula is the place to be. Located a bit away from the bustling city centre, this tavern promises a serene environment where you can relish traditionally Istrian food. Imagine savoring your meal outdoors, with the subtle chill of the fireplace keeping you warm. Sounds perfect, right? Let’s dive deep into what makes this the top Tavern in Pula.

What is there to see

Beyond the mouth-watering dishes, Tavern TAJ Pula boasts a unique atmosphere, combining rustic charm with modern comfort. The outdoor seating offers a panoramic view of Pula’s outskirts, perfect for those Instagram-worthy shots.

How long does a visit take

While the duration might vary based on individual preferences, a typical visit, inclusive of a three-course meal, would be around 2-3 hours. This gives you ample time to savor the food, enjoy the ambiance, and perhaps make a new friend or two among the friendly staff or fellow diners.

When to visit

Anytime you’re in Pula! However, weekends and holidays can get a tad bit busy, so weekdays might offer a more relaxed experience.

When are the opening hours

It’s always best to call ahead and check the timings as they might vary seasonally.

Local Tips & Tricks

  1. Reservations are Key: Given its popularity, it’s advisable to call in advance and book a table.
  2. Kid-Friendly: They offer a special Kids’ menu, ensuring that the little ones are just as delighted as the adults.
  3. Special Touch: If you’re looking for recommendations or have any dietary restrictions, the attentive and well-mannered staff are always ready to assist.

Contact Info

How to Get Here

  • To reach Tavern TAJ, first ensure you are on Medulinska road. As you drive along, you’ll approach a small crossroads. On the left, you’ll spot Pizzeria Peperoncino. At this point, make a right turn onto Ul. Jasne Crnobori. Shortly after, take the first right again, and you’ll arrive at Tavern TAJ. Safe travels!

Where to park

  • Parking is free and available on the premises.


Is Tavern TAJ Pula wheelchair accessible?
Yes, the Tavern is wheelchair-friendly, ensuring everyone can enjoy their visit.
Do they offer vegetarian or vegan options?
While they specialize in traditional Istrian food, it’s always best to call ahead and check for specific dietary options.
Is there a dress code to dine at the Tavern?
No specific dress code, but a casual smart attire would fit right in.
Can I host private events at Tavern TAJ Pula?
Absolutely! Just ensure you call in advance to make the necessary arrangements.
Are pets allowed in the outdoor seating area?
Generally, the outdoor area is pet-friendly, but it’s always a good idea to confirm before bringing along your furry friend.
Do they have Wi-Fi?
Yes, Wi-Fi is available for customers.