Sisplac Dog park Pula

Pula Sisplac Dog Park: The Ultimate Guide for Canine Lovers

Top Highlights

  • The ultimate dog-friendly destination in Pula.
  • Sprawling green space perfect for canine adventures.
  • A welcoming community of local and traveling dog owners.
  • Prime location for picturesque sunrises and sunsets.
  • Open 24/7, making it accessible for both early birds and night owls.

About the Sisplac Dog Park

There’s a little slice of canine heaven nestled in the heart of Pula, and it’s named the Pula Sisplac Dog Park. If you’re a dog lover, this destination will feel like a paradise. Not only does it cater to the energetic needs of our furry pals, but it also provides an enchanting ambiance for dog owners.

Imagine this: You’re walking along a well-maintained path, your dog excitedly trotting beside you. As you look around, you’re greeted by the happy sights of tails wagging, dogs playing fetch, and owners swapping stories of their recent travels or local adventures. The hum of chatter, the soft yips and barks, and the occasional laughter fill the air. You have entered the heart of the Pula Dog Park community, and trust me, you’ll want to stay.

When to Visit

While Sisplac is a year-round attraction, visiting during spring or autumn is particularly delightful. The weather is just right, ensuring both you and your dog can enjoy prolonged outdoor activities without the discomfort of extreme temperatures. If you’re a fan of sunsets or sunrises, try to time your visit around these periods—the views from Sisplac are nothing short of breathtaking.

What is There to See

Beyond the canine frolics, there’s much to admire in the park:

  • Landscape: The manicured lawns, dotted with trees and benches, are perfect for picnics or relaxation.
  • Art Installations: Occasionally, local artists showcase their art, making it a visual treat.
  • Training Areas: For those looking to train their dogs, designated zones are available.
  • Community Events: Check the park’s calendar for any upcoming dog-friendly events or gatherings.

Local Tips & Tricks

  • Early Mornings: For a peaceful experience, come in the early hours. The park is quieter, and the morning dew adds a refreshing touch to your visit.
  • Hydration: While there are water stations, bringing your own water bottle (and bowl for your dog) is recommended.
  • Stay Informed: Join the local online groups or forums dedicated to the Pula Sisplac Dog Park. They often share updates, organize events, or even post about lost and found items.
  • Respect the Space: Remember to clean up after your dog to maintain the park’s beauty.

Opening Hours

Great news for all! The Pula Sisplac Dog Park is open 24/7. Whether you’re an early riser or prefer moonlit strolls, the park accommodates all schedules.

Contact Info

  • Address: Sisplac ul. 34, 52100, Pula

How Do I Get There

  • To reach the Sisplac Dog Park, head towards Veruda. Once you’re in the Sisplac area, direct yourself towards the old Hotel Pula. At the end of that road, you’ll notice a forested area with a sign indicating ‘Dog Park’. From there, simply follow the small path leading into the park. You can’t miss it!

Where to Find Parking

  • Don’t worry about parking; there are free spots available nearby.





How big is the Pula Sisplac Dog Park?
The park spans a vast area, offering ample space for dogs to run and play. Specific measurements can be found on the official website.
Are there any fees to enter the park?
No, the park is free for all visitors.
Is parking available?
Yes, there’s a designated parking area nearby. It can get full during peak hours, so arriving early or using public transport is advised.
Can I organize a dog-related event at Sisplac?
Absolutely! The park often hosts community events. Just ensure you get the necessary permissions in advance.
Are there any amenities like cafes or restrooms in the park?
Yes, there’s a small café near by.