Peekaboo children’s playroom Pula

Pula Peekaboo Children’s Playroom: Every Kid’s Dream Stop in Pula!

Top Highlights

  • Safe and creative play environment right in the heart of Pula.
  • Spacious, themed areas catering to different age groups.
  • Interactive toys and games promoting cognitive development.
  • Weekly themed events to keep the playroom experience fresh.
  • Friendly staff always ready to engage with the little ones.
  • Families traveling with children of all ages.
  • Locals looking for a fun space for kids’ activities and birthdays.
  • Visitors wanting a break, while their kids play in a secure environment.

About the Peekaboo Children’s Playroom

Pula isn’t just about its rich history and mesmerizing beaches; it’s also home to the ever-enticing Pula Peekaboo children’s playroom. A haven where the kiddos can revel in fun, and parents can catch a breath. Located conveniently in the heart of the city, this playroom is more than just a space filled with toys. It’s a designed experience, echoing with the giggles of our young explorers.

Imagine a vast play area, divided with care to cater to various age groups. Whether your toddler wants to dive into the ball pit or your preteen wants to solve an intriguing puzzle, Peekaboo is the place. Enhancing the charm are the weekly themed events. From puppet shows to arts and crafts sessions, there’s always something new at Pula Fun!

When to Visit

The best time to visit would be during the weekdays, especially if you’re looking for a less crowded experience. Weekends tend to be busier due to local families making their delightful weekend trips.

What is There to See

Beyond the play areas, there are themed rooms – each designed to tickle the curiosity of young minds. Explore the mini-adventure zones, interactive toy stations, or the artsy corner. Every nook has a story, and every cranny beckons adventure.

How Long Does a Visit Take

Typically, families spend around 2-3 hours here. However, don’t be surprised if your little one coaxes you into staying longer – there’s just so much to explore!

Local Tips & Tricks

  • It’s recommended to carry a pair of socks for both kids and adults. It’s a socks-only zone.
  • If you plan to stay longer, there’s a delightful snack bar with some local treats.
  • Look out for discount days or special event days. They add a cherry on the top!

Opening Hours

Monday – Friday: 10:00 to 22:00
Saturday – Sunday: 10:00 till 22:00

Payment Method

  • cash
  • Credit cards


Admission prices are quite reasonable. Check their official website or give them a call for the latest rates and any ongoing promotions.

Contact Info

How to Get There

Location: Stoja

  • Start from Pula Center.
  • Drive via Arsenalska Street.
  • At the end of Arsenalska, turn right onto Street Saint Polikarpa.
  • Continue straight until you arrive at Peekaboo Children’s Playroom.

Where to park

Parking in Pula, especially during the tourist season, can be a bit tricky but not impossible. If you’re heading to the Peekaboo Children’s Playroom, here are your best bets:

  • On-site Parking:
    • Peekaboo Playroom has limited parking spaces available directly in front of the venue. It’s highly recommended to arrive early or during off-peak hours to secure a spot here.
  • Nearby Public Parking Lots:
    • There are several public parking lots scattered around the city. Check the map or navigation apps to find the closest one to Peekaboo. Remember to check the hourly rate and payment method.
  • Street Parking:
    • In areas around Peekaboo, you might find street parking. Be sure to check for any signs indicating parking restrictions or time limits.


Can I host my child’s birthday at Peekaboo?
Yes, they offer special packages for birthdays. It’s best to book in advance.
Is there a separate area for younger children?
Absolutely! They’ve designated areas catering to different age groups ensuring safety and age-appropriate fun.
Are the staff trained to handle kids?
Yes, the staff at the Peekaboo playroom is trained, friendly, and always ready to help.
Is there parking available?
There’s limited parking in front, but several parking options are available nearby.
Can parents play alongside their kids?
Certainly! In fact, it’s encouraged for parents to engage and play with their kids.
Do they have a cafeteria or snack bar inside?
Yes, there’s a snack bar with a range of refreshments and some local treats.

Come, dive into the world of Pula Peekaboo children’s playroom, and let your kids create memories while you cherish their joyous moments. After all, Pula isn’t just about the history; it’s about creating your own stories too! Safe travels and playful days!