Oleum Maris – Olive Oil Pula

Top Highlights

  • Four-time gold medalist at the distinguished NYIOOC olive oil quality competition.
  • Featured in evooleum’s guide of the world’s top 100 olive oils.
  • Triple gold medal winner at Dubai’s 2023 international olive oil quality competition.
  • Enriching olive cultivation and high-quality production experience.
  • On-site tasting room to relish exquisite flavors.
  • one of the largest olive groves in Southern Istria with more than 15,000 trees.

Oleum Maris: Pula’s Award-Winning Olive Oil Experience

About Pula Oleum Maris

Nestled between the historical marvel of Pula, an ancient city that sprawls over seven hills, and Vodnjan, famed for its olives and olive oil, is one of Southern Istria’s most expansive olive groves. Here, in this sweeping terrain housing over 15,000 trees, lies Pula Oleum Maris – Olive Oil.

Situated a mere 5 km from the azure waters of the sea, the heart of these burgeoning plantations offers an awe-inspiring view: the majestic Brijuni archipelago, the signature bell tower of Vodnjan, and the enduring silhouette of Pula.

The region’s climate is nature’s endowment, perfected for producing high-caliber Pula olive oil across ages. Complementing this natural bounty is the relentless pursuit of human excellence, culminating in an unparalleled olive oil experience.

The Oio Vivo extra virgin olive oil, standing testament to superior quality, is rooted in the indigenous varieties of the region. This distinction is further amplified by sustainable farming, punctual hand-harvesting, rapid processing, and the utmost care in storage. It’s worth noting that ‘Oio Vivo’, meaning ‘living oil’, is christened in tribute to the Istro-Roman dialect, which to this day, resonates in the Vodnjan region.

Oleum Maris - Olive

Who Should Visit?

  • Olive oil connoisseurs keen on sampling award-winning flavors.
  • History buffs curious about Pula’s ancient connection with olive cultivation.
  • Travelers looking for an immersive, authentic Istrian experience.
  • Gourmands and culinary enthusiasts.

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Working hours

Monday – Saturday 08:00 – 21:00
Sunday 09:00 – 21:00


  • In-store Shopping: Dive into a wide range of olive oil products.
  • In-store Pick-up: Conveniently collect your chosen products.
  • Delivery: Get the best of Pula Oleum Maris delivered to your doorstep.
  • Tasting Room: Experience the myriad flavors of the finest olive oils.
  • Shop: Take home a piece of the Pula olive oil legacy.

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How to Get Here

  • Drive from Pula towards Vodnjan via Vodnjanska Road.
  • Look out for the olive plantation on your right side.
  • The entrance to Olive Maris will be visible from the road.

Where to park

  • Free parking is available on the premises of Olive Maris.


What awards has Pula Oleum Maris – Olive Oil won?
Pula Oleum Maris has clinched gold at NYIOOC on four occasions, bagged three gold medals at Dubai’s 2023 competition, and has been highlighted in evooleum’s top 100 global olive oils guide.

How far is Oleum Maris from Pula’s main city?
Oleum Maris is conveniently located between Pula and Vodnjan, just 5 km away from the sea.

Is there an option for on-site olive oil tasting?
Absolutely! Pula Oleum Maris boasts a dedicated tasting room where visitors can savor various olive oil flavors.

Can I buy products directly from the Oleum Maris store?
Yes, there’s in-store shopping available, and you can also opt for in-store pick-up or delivery.

What’s the significance of the name ‘Oio Vivo’?
‘Oio Vivo’ translates to ‘living oil’ and pays homage to the Istro-Roman dialect still spoken in the Vodnjan area.