Hidrobaza Beach Pula

Hidrobaza Beach Pula: Your Ultimate Guide to Pula’s Top Beach Attraction

  • Families looking for a day of fun and relaxation.
  • Travelers with pets in tow.
  • Water sports enthusiasts.
  • Anyone keen on soaking in the sun at one of Pula’s top beaches.

List of Amenities

  • Rocky and Pebble Beach
  • Changing Rooms
  • Family Friendly Beaches
  • Kids Park
  • Bar
  • Massage
  • Lounge Chairs & Water Sports
  • Protected Zone: No Speed Boating
  • Free parking for visitors
  • Dog-friendly with a dedicated Pula dog beach
  • Volleyball

About the Hidrobaza Beach Pula

Often cited among the Pula top attractions, Hidrobaza Beach isn’t just another beach; it’s a destination. A spot where the Adriatic’s salty waves serenade rocky terrains and pebble shores alike. Situated within the tranquil confines of Pula Štinjan, this beach offers a haven for families, couples, solo travelers, and even pets!

Whether you’re looking to indulge in water sports or prefer a quiet day with a book in hand, the comprehensive amenities ensure there’s something for everyone. From a dedicated dog beach ensuring your pets have as much fun as you do, to lounge chairs and massages catering to those in need of relaxation. And, with a strict policy against speed boating nearby, it guarantees safety alongside leisure.

A Day at Hidrobaza Beach, Pula’s Dog-Friendly Oasis

There are beaches, and then there are beaches that make both you and your four-legged friend feel like you’ve discovered paradise. One such slice of heaven is Hidrobaza Beach in Pula, Croatia. Not only does this stunning coastal retreat boast crystal-clear waters and scenic beauty, but it also has a special area dedicated to dogs and a bar to keep you refreshed all day. It’s time to unleash your perfect summer!

Hidrobaza Beach Pula

The Dog-Friendly Zone

The dog-friendly area is the crown jewel for pet owners. Spacious and well-maintained, this designated space allows your dog to roam freely, make new friends, and even take a dip in the inviting sea. The environment is not just friendly for dogs, but also for owners who can relax, knowing their pets are safe and happy.

Beach Bar: Sip and Dip

If you ever manage to tear yourself away from the cuddles and games with your pet, make your way to the beach bar. With a range of cold beverages, from invigorating smoothies to a variety of beers, you’ll find everything you need to make your beach day complete. And the best part? You’re still close enough to keep an eye on your furry friend.

Hidrobaza Beach Pula

Responsible Fun

As amazing as Hidrobaza is, it’s essential to be responsible beachgoers. Remember to clean up after your pets, obey any posted rules, and be mindful of other people enjoying the beach.

Local Tips & Tricks

  • Arrive Early or Late: Like many beaches in popular areas, Hidrobaza can get crowded, especially during peak summer months. To avoid the crowd and enjoy a tranquil experience, consider visiting early in the morning or later in the afternoon.
  • Footwear Advice: While the beach is known for its clear waters, it’s rocky in some parts. It’s advisable to wear water shoes or protective footwear to protect your feet and have a more comfortable experience.
  • Sightseeing: Don’t forget to explore the remains of the old airport structures nearby which lend the beach its name and add to its unique charm.
  • Food and Drink: While there are a few beach bars and restaurants around Hidrobaza, locals often bring their own snacks or a picnic. You might find local eateries offering authentic Croatian dishes nearby.
  • Sun Protection: The beach has minimal shade, especially in the main areas. Make sure to bring an umbrella, sun hat, and sunscreen to protect yourself from the sun.

Dog Area Tips:

  • Follow the Rules: Like any other designated dog area, ensure that you clean up after your pet. There are usually disposal bags and bins provided in the area.
  • Social Dogs: The dog beach area is perfect for social dogs that enjoy playing and interacting with other dogs. If your dog isn’t too social, you might want to choose a quieter time to visit.
  • Fresh Water Supply: Even though the beach might have fresh water taps, during peak times or busy days, it’s a good idea to bring your own fresh water and a bowl for your dog to keep them hydrated.
  • Shady Spots: If you plan to stay for a longer duration, bring a beach tent or umbrella to provide some shade for your furry friend.
  • Dog Toys: Bring along some toys like frisbees or balls. The beach is a great spot for dogs to play fetch and burn off some energy.

With these tips, both you and your four-legged friend are bound to have an enjoyable time at Hidrobaza Beach Pula! Safe travels and happy beaching!

Hidrobaza Beach Pula

Opening hours

  • Wau beach bar:
    • (Summer season) Monday to Sunday from 10:00 to 22:00
    • In September bar close earlier
  • Blue Monkey Beach Lounge:


How to Get Here

Getting There:

  • Located in Štinjan.
  • Once in Štinjan center, follow Baližerka Street.
  • At the crossroad, turn right onto Putižela Road. This will lead you straight to the beach.

Where to park

  • Parking at Hidrobaza Beach is free and there’s ample space available.


Dog Beach Location

Where is Hidrobaza Beach located in Pula?
Hidrobaza Beach in Štinjan is located near the town of Štinjan, which is a suburb of Pula, Croatia. Štinjan is situated on the southwestern part of the Istrian Peninsula.
What type of beach is Hidrobaza?
Hidrobaza Beach is a pebbly beach, which offers clear waters and a scenic view of the bay. Its pebbly nature makes the water especially clear and appealing for swimming.
Is the beach suitable for families with children?
Yes, Hidrobaza Beach is suitable for families. The waters are generally calm, and there’s ample space for kids to play. However, always supervise children due to the pebbly nature of the beach.
Are there facilities like restrooms, showers, and eateries near the beach?
Yes, Hidrobaza Beach is equipped with basic facilities like restrooms and showers. There are also nearby cafes and kiosks where visitors can buy refreshments and food.
Is there any shade available at Hidrobaza Beach?
While parts of the beach are open to the sun, there are also areas with natural shade from trees. It’s still advisable to bring an umbrella or sunshade during peak sunny hours.
Can I rent sunbeds or umbrellas at the beach?
Yes, during the summer season, there are typically sunbeds and umbrellas available for rent at Hidrobaza Beach.
How do I get to Hidrobaza Beach by public transport?
There are local bus services in Pula that connect to Hidrobaza Beach. The frequency and specific routes may vary by season, so it’s good to check the latest bus schedules.
Is parking available near Hidrobaza Beach?
Yes, there’s parking available near the beach. However, during peak season, the parking spots might fill up quickly, so arriving early or considering alternative transport might be a good idea.
Is the beach pet-friendly?
Although Hidrobaza Beach typically restricts pets, there’s a designated section expressly for our four-legged friends. This pet-friendly zone exemplifies Hidrobaza’s dedication to ensuring every visitor, including our beloved pets, feels welcomed and catered for.
Are water sports available at Hidrobaza Beach?
While Hidrobaza is mainly known for its relaxing ambiance, some water sports or activities like paddleboarding or kayaking might be available. It’s best to inquire locally for specific offerings.