Cape Kamenjak

Discover Cape Kamenjak: A Pristine Mediterranean Getaway

Embark on a journey to the enchanting Cape Kamenjak, a pristine haven located at the southernmost tip of the Istrian peninsula. Famed for its unspoiled landscapes and rich historical tapestry, this protected nature area is a paradise for nature enthusiasts and history buffs alike. As an SEO expert and travel copywriter with deep knowledge of Pula, I invite you to explore the wonders of this destination through my eyes.

Top Highlights

  • Pristine Waters: Dive into the crystal-clear blue seas, renowned for their cleanliness and vibrant marine life.
  • Rich Biodiversity: Encounter over 600 plant species, including aromatic herbs and rare orchids.
  • Dinosaur Footprints: Step back in time and walk alongside ancient dinosaur footprints.
  • Safari Bar: Relax at the unique, jungle-themed Safari bar with its iconic ‘Bali’ swing.
  • Sunsets at Porer Lighthouse: Experience breathtaking sunsets from the historic Porer lighthouse.
  • Year-Round Sunshine: Enjoy the area’s Mediterranean climate, perfect for outdoor adventures.

About Cape Kamenjak

Cape Kamenjak, the southern jewel of Istria, is a realm of rugged beauty, where the sea’s embrace has shaped a landscape like no other. A mere 20-minute drive from the bustling town of Premantura, this nature reserve offers a serene escape from the daily grind. It’s a place where the sun kisses the horizon, and nature’s chorus sings the song of the Adriatic.

Historical Journey

Delving into the past of Cape Kamenjak unveils a storied history. From ancient Roman settlements to wartime fortifications, every stone and wave whispers tales of yesteryears. The region has witnessed the ebb and flow of different civilizations, each leaving its indelible mark on the land.

Historical Facts about Cape Kamenjak

Did you know that Cape Kamenjak was once roamed by dinosaurs? Fossilized footprints tell stories of an Earth dominated by these magnificent creatures. Fast forward to the human era, and you’ll find remnants of rustic Roman villas and old Austro-Hungarian military buildings, hinting at a strategically important past.

When to Visit

Every season at Cape Kamenjak paints a unique portrait of nature. While summer boasts sun-filled days perfect for aquatic adventures, spring offers a tranquil ambiance, with a milder climate ideal for exploration.

What Is There to See

From the depths of the sea to the aromatic Mediterranean shrubbery, Cape Kamenjak is a feast for the senses. Beyond its natural wonders, you can also explore cultural gems like the quaint Porer lighthouse, which adds a historical charm to the islet.

How Long Does a Visit Take

Whether you’re here for a quick dip or a leisurely exploration, Cape Kamenjak can cater to all. A full day allows for a comprehensive experience, but even a few hours can be fulfilling.

Local Tips & Tricks

To truly embrace the spirit of Cape Kamenjak, venture off the beaten path. Discover secluded beaches, bring snorkeling gear to witness the underwater spectacle, and stay till dusk to witness the sun setting over the Adriatic.

Opening Hours and Fees

Fees for motor vehicles entering the significant landscape of Lower Kamenjak and the Medulin Archipelago for the period 15.06.23 – 15.09.23:

  • One-Day Entrance Pass:
    • Moped/Motorcycle: 8,00€
    • Car: 15,00€
    • Camper: 30,00€
    • Bus: 90,00€
  • Three-Day Entrance Pass:
    • Moped/Motorcycle: 18,00€
    • Car: 35,00€
  • One-Week Entrance Pass:
    • Moped/Motorcycle: 40,00€
    • Car: 80,00€

The area is open year-round, with peak season hours from sunrise to sunset.

Contact Info

Information Officer:

  • Email:
  • Phone: +385 52 575 283

Expert Service:

  • Email:
  • Phone: +385 52 575 287

Ranger Service:

  • Email:
  • Phone: +385 91 255 8257

Entry Fee Service:

  • Email:
  • Phone: +385 99 258 6300

How to Get Here

  • Location: Cape Kamenjak is the southernmost point of the Istrian peninsula
  • Direction: Simply follow the signs pointing toward Prematura. Continue on this route until you reach the entrance, identifiable by a ramp.

Where to park

  • Once you’ve entered Cape Kamenjak, parking is available at no cost.
  • However, do remember that while parking is free, there is a fee for entering Cape Kamenjak.


Is Cape Kamenjak suitable for family visits?
Yes, Cape Kamenjak offers several sandy beaches that are perfect for families with children.
Can I visit Cape Kamenjak outside of the summer season?
Absolutely! The area’s climate makes it suitable for visits throughout the year.
Are there any facilities for food and drinks?
Yes, the Safari bar and other local establishments offer refreshments and meals.
What should I not miss when visiting Cape Kamenjak?
Do not miss the Safari Bar, the dinosaur footprints, and the stunning sunset at the Porer lighthouse.
How can I best explore Cape Kamenjak?
Biking or walking are excellent ways to explore the diverse landscapes of Cape Kamenjak.
What are the conservation effoCapes in place at Cape Kamenjak?
Cape Kamenjak is a protected area with effoCapes focusing on preserving its natural and historical heritage.
Is snorkeling recommended in Cape Kamenjak?
Yes, the clear waters and rich marine life make snorkeling a must-do activity.

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