Caffe Bar Cvajner

Caffe Bar Cvajner Gallery in Pula

Top Highlights

  • Unique Ambiance: Experience the blend of art, history, and modern cafe culture.
  • Historic Venue: Located in the heart of Pula, with a rich history to explore.
  • Warm ambiance, captivating decor featuring rejuvenated artwork adorning the walls.
  • Outdoor Seating: Enjoy your coffee with a view of Pula’s vibrant streets.

About the Cvajner Gallery

The Caffe Bar Cvajner Gallery, nestled in the heart of Pula, is more than just a place for coffee enthusiasts; it’s a cultural hub that blends the rich historical tapestry of the city with contemporary art and lively social gatherings. This venue, characterized by its unique charm and engaging atmosphere, invites travelers and locals alike to immerse themselves in a setting where history meets modernity.

Upon stepping into Caffe Bar Cvajner, guests are immediately enveloped in a cozy environment that seamlessly blends art and history within its walls. This inviting space, adorned with restored paintings and historical touches, serves as a vivid window into Pula’s rich cultural heritage. The thoughtful arrangement of the cafe encourages lively discussion and engagement, creating an ideal haven for those eager to immerse themselves in the local scene over a well-crafted coffee or inventive cocktail.

While Caffe Bar Cvajner is primarily a gathering spot for coffee aficionados and social butterflies, it also dedicates a portion of its space to showcasing a rotating collection of art. This unique feature includes works from both emerging talents and well-known figures in the Croatian and international art communities, underscoring the cafe’s involvement in the vibrant cultural tapestry of Pula. This fusion of art within a coffee setting allows guests to connect with the artistic heartbeat of the area, making every visit an opportunity to discover something new.

However, the charm of Caffe Bar Cvajner extends beyond its visual and cultural offerings. The cafe’s focus is on providing a diverse selection of beverages, from finely brewed coffees to refreshing cocktails, tailored to enhance the ambiance. While they do not serve food, the wide variety of drinks available ensures that every guest finds the perfect sip to accompany their exploration of Pula’s dynamic artistic scene.

Historic Information

The Cvajner Gallery is housed in a building steeped in history, standing as a testament to Pula’s rich past. Originally constructed in the late 19th century, the building has undergone various transformations, each adding a layer to its storied existence. From its early days as a gathering spot for the city’s intellectuals and artists to its role in the social life of contemporary Pula, Cvajner Gallery has always been a place of convergence.

Major events in the gallery’s history highlight its significance in Pula’s cultural landscape. It has served as a backdrop for important political discussions, artistic movements, and social changes, reflecting the evolving identity of the city itself. The gallery’s ability to adapt and remain relevant through the decades is a key aspect of its enduring appeal.

Local Tips & Tricks

  • Catch the Sunset: Visit in the late afternoon to enjoy your drink in the golden light of sunset, enhancing the cozy ambiance.
  • Engage in Conversation: The cafe’s layout promotes chatting. Talk to locals or staff for insider tips on Pula.
  • Enjoy Morning Calm: For a quieter experience, visit in the morning. It’s perfect for those who cherish a peaceful start to their day.
  • Photography Opportunity: The blend of art and design within the cafe offers unique photo opportunities.

When to Visit Cvajner Gallery?

The best time to visit Cvajner Gallery is during the spring and summer months when Pula comes alive with cultural events and the outdoor seating allows for a delightful coffee experience under the Adriatic sun. However, the gallery’s cozy interior makes it a welcoming destination year-round.

Opening Hours

Cvajner Gallery is open daily from 8 AM to midnight, offering flexibility for both early birds and night owls looking to enjoy its offerings.

Contact Info

How to Get here

  •  Located at the heart of Pula, the Cvajner Gallery is easily accessible and sits at a prime location on the historic Forum Square.

Where to Park

  • For parking options, please refer to the where-to-park section, which provides details on all available parking spaces in the area.


Is there an entrance fee for the Cvajner Gallery?
No, entry to the gallery is free, making it accessible for everyone to enjoy.
Is Wi-Fi available at Cvajner Gallery?
Yes, free Wi-Fi is available for customers, making it an ideal spot for remote work or social browsing.
Is outdoor seating available year-round?
Outdoor seating is available and popular during the warmer months, with arrangements made to accommodate guests comfortably outside the peak season.
Is Cvajner Gallery accessible for wheelchair users?
The main areas of the gallery are wheelchair accessible, ensuring everyone can enjoy the space.