Visit Pula With Kids

Three Days in Pula With Kids: A Family Adventure Guide

Introduction to The City of Pula – A Friend of Children

If you’ve been pondering where to take your young ones for a vibrant and diverse adventure, look no further! Pula, a city that stands as a true friend to children, has all the ingredients to make a memorable family vacation. Within this guide, I’m excited to share a personal recount of how to make the most of three days in Pula with kids. Buckle up!

First Day in Pula

Morning:Aquarium Pula 🌅

Aquarium Pula tank

Dive into the fascinating world of marine life at the Aquarium Pula. It’s not just about gazing at the colorful fish. The educational displays and the rich history of the fort in which the aquarium is housed will keep both kids and parents engaged.

Expected price per person 20.00€

While you’re in Verudela, there are a few must-visit sites that promise an enriching experience:

Verudela Canyon: This natural beauty is a testament to the powerful forces of nature that have sculpted the landscape over millennia. The Canyon is a great spot for photography enthusiasts and nature lovers alike.

Verudela Canyon Pula summer

Church of Verudela: The legendary “church” is an embodiment of the rich cultural tapestry of the region. Take a moment to appreciate its architecture and the serenity it offers.

Church of Verudela

Seaside Promenade: If the day is sunny and rain-free, we highly recommend taking a leisurely walk along the promenade by the sea. The breathtaking views of the Adriatic, the gentle sea breeze, and the rhythm of the waves make it a therapeutic experience. Along the way, you’ll find cafes where you can sit, relax, and soak in the views.

Lunch Time 🍴

If a slice of heaven is what you’re after, we can’t recommend enough the authentic flavors of Pula’s pizzerias. Choose from one of these top three picks, which have consistently won the hearts of both locals and travelers alike:

  1. Pizzeria Jupiter Pula – Known for its thin crust and generous toppings.
  2. Pizzeria TiVoli Pula – A favorite for those who love a mix of traditional and inventive pizza flavors.
  3. Pizzeria Peperoncino – A place where pizza meets the scenic beauty of the sea.

However, if pizzas aren’t on your mind and you’re craving some succulent burgers or grilled specialties, then look no further. The following spots are sure to hit the spot and leave you satisfied:

  1. Batak Grill – A paradise for meat lovers, their grill dishes are to die for.
  2. Ožujsko Pub – A lively place where burgers and brews come together for a perfect meal.

If none of the listed places appeal to you, fret not! Discover the finest dining spots in our ‘Where to Eat in Pula‘ section. Explore a variety of culinary delights Pula has to offer.

Whichever you choose, Pula’s culinary scene is bound to leave a lasting impression on your taste buds!


Lungomare Pula or Max City Shopping Mall Pula 🌇

Wind down your day with a leisurely walk along the Lungomare Pula. The breezy seafront promenade is dotted with sculptures, and the sunset view is simply mesmerizing. Don’t forget to snap some family selfies!
If you are up to more relax evening and feeling peckish? Head over to Max City Shopping Mall. While there, don’t miss the Twister Fun Park. Let your kids revel in fun and games as you relax with a cup of coffee or indulge in some shopping. It’s a win-win!

Lungomare Pula

Lungomare Pula

Max City

Max City Shopping mall Pula

Second Day in Pula

Morning: National Park Brijuni Pula

National Park Brijuni Pula

Dedicate your entire day to the wonders of National Park Brijuni. With its rich history, stunning landscapes, and diverse flora and fauna, Brijuni is like a world of its own. From roaming peacocks to dino footprints, your kids will be in for a treat!

Lunch Time: Picnic in Brijuni

Pack a family picnic to enjoy amidst the serenity of the National Park. Pick a shady spot, lay out your spread, and enjoy the sounds of nature.

Evening: Return & Relax

After a day full of exploration, return to your lodging and take it easy. Maybe order some local food and spend quality family time reminiscing about the day’s adventures.


Third Day in Pula

Morning: Adventure Park Jangalooz Pomer

Begin your day with an adrenaline rush at Adventure Park Jangalooz Pomer. With zip lines, rope courses, and bridges, it’s an adventurous playground in nature.

Lunch Time: Pula City Center

Head to the city center of Pula and grab lunch at a local eatery. Taste authentic Croatian dishes that will delight your palate.

Evening: Historical Sightseeing

The city’s history unravels beautifully in the evening. Visit the iconic Arena Pula Amphitheatre, then stroll to the Arch of the Sergii Pula and the Temple of Augustus Pula. As the lights illuminate the historic structures, you’ll feel transported back in time. Before heading back, take a moment at Forum Square Pula and admire the City Hall Building Pula.