Valovine Beach Pula

Valovine Beach Pula: Your Ultimate Guide to Pula’s Top beaches!

  • Families with Children
  • Nature Lovers
  • Snorkeling Enthusiasts
  • Sunset Viewers
  • Beach Picnickers
  • Photography Buffs
  • Adventure Seekers
  • Relaxation Seekers

List of Amenities

  • Multiple types of beach areas for varying tastes
  • Zones designated as family-friendly
  • A refreshing beach bar
  • Wakeboarding activities
  • A dog-free environment to keep the beach clean and safe
  • Free but limited parking
  • Ice cream stands
  • Fast food joints
  • Local bakeries for the freshest pastries

About Valovine Beach Pula

Ah, Valovine Beach Pula, where do I even begin? Imagine a place where the rocky terrain smoothly transitions into pebbly expanses before culminating in the soft touch of sandy shores. From sipping chilled cocktails at the beach bar to wakeboarding like a pro, this Pula top beach offers the complete package. And for the cherry on top, it’s a haven for families but sorry, Fido will have to sit this one out—dogs aren’t allowed here.

Valovine Beach isn’t just another Pula Beach; it’s a destination in its own right. Starting from the unique blend of rocky, pebble, and sandy terrains, Valovine sets the stage for an eclectic beach experience. The family-friendly environment ensures that kids can safely build sandcastles and play in the waves, while adults can kick back and soak up the sun.

Local Tips & Tricks

  • Morning Glory: Visit early to claim the best spots and avoid the crowd.
  • Sunset Views: Stick around for a breathtaking sunset, perfect for a romantic evening.
  • Wakeboarding: New to wakeboarding? Morning hours are less crowded, making it easier to learn.
  • Beach Bar: Don’t leave without trying the local fruit-infused cocktails.

Opening hours

  • Lounge bar Mares: 08:00 – 00:00

How to Get Here

Valovine Beach Pula is situated in Stoja. To reach the beach, head in the direction of Veruda and then continue to Stoja. You’ll know you’re in the right place when you see the Stoja camp and the nearby Wake park.

Where to park

Begin by checking the parking spots directly in front of the camp. If these are full, there are additional parking spaces available along the road, primarily on the right side.


Embark on your sun-soaked adventure to Valovine Beach Pula. Whether you’re making memories, taking that perfect Insta-shot, or simply melting away life’s stresses, Valovine promises a memorable experience. See you at the beach!

Where is Valovine Beach located in Pula?
Valovine Beach is located in the northern part of Pula, nestled in a bay close to the Stoja peninsula. It’s a bit away from the city’s bustling center, offering a serene environment for relaxation.
What type of beach is Valovine?
Valovine is a mixed beach with both pebbly and rocky areas. The bay’s waters are typically calm and crystal-clear, ideal for swimming and snorkeling. Pine trees near the shore offer natural shade, a respite from the Adriatic sun.
Are there any facilities at Valovine Beach?
Yes, Valovine Beach offers basic facilities for visitors. There are cafes where you can grab a bite or a drink, sunbed rentals for those looking to lounge, and showers for rinsing off after a swim.
Is it suitable for families and children?
Absolutely! The calm waters of the bay and the pebbly sections of the beach make it suitable for children. The natural shade provided by the trees is an added advantage for families, ensuring a comfortable beach day.
How do I get to Valovine Beach from Pula’s city center?
Valovine Beach is easily accessible from Pula’s city center by car or bicycle. There are also local buses that run routes covering the area. If you’re up for a longer walk, you can even reach the beach on foot, taking in the scenic coastal views along the way.