Ribarska koliba Pula

Top Highlights

  • Experience history and taste melded perfectly at Pula’s serene harbor.
  • Unique rooftop seating offers panoramic views of Pula’s picturesque surroundings.
  • A restaurant proudly recommended by the Michelin Guide.
  • An immersive ambiance marked by iconic artworks and the classic Triumph Spitfire.
  • A gourmet menu, curated by the renowned Head Chef Luka Bijelić.

Experience the Culinary Delight at Ribarska Koliba, Pula: A Guide for Foodies

  • Perfect for gastronomy enthusiasts
  • History buffs
  • Families
  • Romantic outings, and everyone aiming to relish the apex of Pula food in an elite setting.

About Ribarska Koliba

Dive into an experience of unparalleled uniqueness at Ribarska Koliba. Nestled in the heart of Pula’s serene harbor, this legendary venue stands as an emblem of Istria’s rich past, offering more than just a meal, but a journey that spans over a century…

From the days where the iconic Tito hosted opulent dinners for Arsenal officers to the enchanting evenings graced by film and music elites, Ribarska Koliba has played witness to history unfolding. Today, we continue to uphold its legacy by opening our doors to all, from seasoned travelers to local food enthusiasts…

However, it’s not just the eyes that are indulged. Your palate is in for an exquisite treat. Under the expert hands of Head Chef Luka Bijelić, the menu at Ribarska Koliba is a symphony of the region’s best. Dishes crafted from the freshest fish and seafood, sourced directly from the pier, compete for your attention with premium aged meat cuts and other agricultural delights, all locally sourced. The natural bread and pure olive oil, simply put, are to die for…

Our aim, as so eloquently stated by Chef Bijelić, is to showcase the gastronomic richness and flavors of this region, marrying freshness, quality, and taste in every dish. It’s a commitment that has seen Ribarska Koliba stand tall for over a century…

The Michelin Guide Touch

Being a part of the Michelin Guide is no ordinary feat. “A restaurant in the Recommended selection is the sign of a chef using quality ingredients that are well cooked; simply a good meal,” states Michael Ellis, International Director of the MICHELIN Guide books. With such high standards, Ribarska Koliba takes pride in being recognized and recommended for its impeccable service and quality.

Amenities at Ribarska Koliba

Located at Pula, Verudela, Ribarska Koliba ensures a comfortable experience for its guests. From great cocktails to a choice between indoor and outdoor seating. The place is wheelchair-accessible ensuring everyone enjoys their time. With areas good for kids and a family-friendly atmosphere, Ribarska Koliba makes for a delightful visit for everyone.

Working hours

Monday – Closed
Tuesday – 18:00 – 23.00
Wednesday – 18:00 – 23.00
Thursday – 18:00 – 23.00
Friday – 13:00 – 23.00
Saturday – 13:00 – 23.00
Sunday – 13:00 – 23.00

Local Tips & Tricks for Your Visit

Best time to visit? Definitely during the early evening to catch the sunset from the rooftop seating. When looking for parking, opt for spots located a short walk away for more availability.

Contact Info

How to Get Here

  • From the center, head towards Verudela. As you follow the main road, keep an eye out for the sign indicating “Ribarska Koliba”. The restaurant is easily spotted from this main route.

Where to park

  • Ribarska Koliba offers free parking for its guests. Upon your arrival at the restaurant, look for designated parking areas or signage indicating the parking spots reserved for patrons. If you’re unsure where to park or if the parking area seems full, feel free to ask the restaurant staff for assistance. This added amenity ensures a convenient and hassle-free dining experience, allowing guests to enjoy their time at the restaurant without concerns about parking fees or availability.


Is Ribarska Koliba suitable for families with kids?
Absolutely, it’s family-friendly and has amenities catered for children.

How long do I typically have to wait for my order?
Despite the premium service, the wait isn’t long. However, signature dishes might take slightly longer to ensure perfection.

When are the opening hours for Ribarska Koliba?
We’re open from 12 noon till 11 pm, for for accurate information, we recommend that you look at the official website

Where is Ribarska Koliba located?
Ribarska Koliba is located in Pula, Verudela.

How do I get there?
It’s easily accessible by car or local transportation. If you’re close, a pleasant walk by the harbor will lead you right to us!