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Experience the Thrill: RC Bike Rental Center in Istria

Discover the beautiful landscapes of Istria in an active way with RC Bike Rental Center’s diverse selection of bikes. Whether you’re an enthusiast looking to explore mountain trails or a family wanting to enjoy a leisurely ride, RC Bike Rental Center has the perfect biking option for you.

Top Highlights

  • Extensive collection of bikes including Mountain, City, Hybrid, Touring, Road, Electric, and Kids bikes.
  • Comprehensive biking equipment and accessories available.
  • Customizable tours and bike delivery service across the Istrian peninsula.
  • Guaranteed best price/quality service with additional discounts on matching competitive rates.
  • Experienced staff offering planning assistance, technical support, and more.

About RC Bike Rental Center

RC Bike Rental Center specializes in bike tours and bike rentals across Istria. With over 300 high-quality bikes and a wide array of biking equipment, they cater to individuals, families, and large groups. Their goal is to enrich your holiday with memorable experiences and fun.

Services Offered

From bike rentals to comprehensive tour planning, RC Bike Rental Center provides everything you need for the perfect cycling adventure. Services include bike delivery, route planning, transfers, and technical support.

Destinations Covered

RC Rental Center offers convenient bike delivery services across the entire Istria region, Slovenian Coast, and extending to Trieste and Venice. This expanded service area allows you to start your cycling adventure from a variety of stunning locations, ensuring that your rental bikes are delivered directly to you, whether you’re in a bustling city or a tranquil seaside town.

Additionally, RC Rental Center supports cycling tours along major routes such as EuroVelo 8 the Mediterranean Route, which offers a unique way to explore the Mediterranean coast by bike and the historic Parenzana trail, known for its scenic beauty and cultural significance. These routes are perfect for cyclists looking to experience some of the best vistas and paths that Europe has to offer.

With this service, exploring the scenic landscapes and cultural highlights of these regions becomes effortless and enjoyable. Just choose your destination, book your bikes, and they’ll be ready for you when you arrive, letting you dive straight into your exploration of Istria, the Slovenian Coast, Trieste, or Venice, including adventures on the EuroVelo 8 and Parenzana trails.

Available Tours

  • Marlera Family Bike & E-bike Tour
  • Cape Kamenjak – Premantura Offroad Bike & E-bike Self Guided Tour
  • Pula beaches & Aquarium E-bike Tour
  • Private Group & Custom Bike Tours

Marlera Family Bike & E-bike Tour

Discover the great nature of the South-East coast and its scenic artwork. The trail is pretty flat, almost completely free of cars and traffic, suitable for families with children, school groups and people looking for a nice and easy ride. Start from our shop in Medulin, sightseeing of the remainings of the roman villas situated on the Vižula peninsula, cycling through the port of Medulin and following the beautiful coastline all the way down to Marlera lighthouse. Along the way there are many beach bars and restaurants, great pebble and rocky beaches with crystal clear water, perfect for a refreshing swim.

  • Start from: our shop in Medulin any time after 9am, return until 6pm
  • Distance: 20+ km on & off road
  • Level: easy
  • Duration: 2+ hours (you can have the bikes until 6pm)

Pricing & Packages

Mountain Bikes (MTB):

  • Standard MTB:
    • 1-3 days: 20€ per day
    • 4-6 days: 16€ per day
    • 7-13 days: 14€ per day
    • 14+ days: 12€ per day
  • Advanced MTB:
    • 1-3 days: 30€ per day
    • 4-6 days: 20€ per day
    • 7-13 days: 18€ per day
    • 14+ days: 16€ per day
  • Performance MTB:
    • 1-3 days: 40€ per day
    • 4-6 days: 30€ per day
    • 7-13 days: 25€ per day
    • 14+ days: 20€ per day

Electric Mountain Bikes (E-MTB):

  • Standard E-MTB:
    • 4-6 days: 25€ per day
    • 7-13 days: 22€ per day
    • 14+ days: 20€ per day
  • Performance E-MTB (Hardtail and Fully):
    • 1-3 days: 50-60€ per day
    • 4-6 days: 40-50€ per day
    • 7-13 days: 35-45€ per day
    • 14+ days: 30-40€ per day

Touring and Road Bikes:

  • Touring Bike:
    • 1-3 days: 35€ per day
    • 4-6 days: 25€ per day
    • 7-13 days: 22€ per day
    • 14+ days: 20€ per day
  • E-Touring Bike:
    • 1-3 days: 60€ per day
    • 4-6 days: 50€ per day
    • 7-13 days: 45€ per day
    • 14+ days: 40€ per day
  • Road Bikes (Various Models including Carbon Road and E-Road):
    • 1-3 days: 45-70€ per day
    • 4-6 days: 35-55€ per day
    • 7-13 days: 30-50€ per day
    • 14+ days: 25-45€ per day

Kids’ Bikes:

  • Sizes 16″, 20″, 24″ and E-MTB 24″:
    • 1-3 days: 16-50€ per day
    • 4-6 days: 12-40€ per day
    • 7-13 days: 10-35€ per day
    • 14+ days: 8-30€ per day

Note: 1-day rentals last up to 24 hours, except for E-bikes which are available from morning to evening. All prices are for recreational use only.

Contact RC Bike Rental Center or visit official web page for the most current pricing and package deals. They offer competitive rates and will match prices for comparable services.

Local Tips & Tricks

  • Book your bikes in advance during peak seasons to ensure availability.
  • Wear appropriate clothing and shoes for cycling.
  • Check weather conditions before planning your tour.

Contact Info

How to Get Here

If you’re planning to explore Istria from Pula, RC Rental Center offers convenient solutions to get you started on your adventure. Whether you’re heading to Medulin, Fažana, Bale, or farther to Rovinj and Poreč, accessing your rental bikes is straightforward.

For those looking to travel directly to destinations like Labin, Rabac, Novigrad, or Umag, consider utilizing the hassle-free bike delivery service offered by RC Rental Center. You can easily order bikes to be delivered directly to these locations, ensuring that your cycling gear is waiting for you upon arrival.

This service is ideal for those who prefer to start their cycling journey from their destination without the need to transport bikes long distances. Enjoy the scenery and local attractions of Istria with the convenience of having your rental bike delivered to you.

With RC Rental Center, you’re just an order away from beginning your cycling adventure in any of these beautiful Istrian towns. Explore more, stress less, and dive into the beauty of Istria on two wheels!

Where to park

Enjoy the convenience of complimentary parking available at Parking Munida, located just 50 meters from Rental Center. This hassle-free parking solution ensures that your visit starts smoothly, without the worry of parking fees or long walks.


What do I get when I rent bikes at Rental Center?
Bikes in perfect shape and working condition, free locks, free local maps with bike routes, useful tips and information from our experienced professional team, our phone number in case of trouble, a big smile, and great thanks.
What do I need to rent a bike?
Minimum age requirement is 18. A valid identification document (passport, ID, or driver’s license) must be presented. You’ll need to sign the rental contract and leave an original document or a cash deposit equal to the bike’s value for the duration of the rental period.
What is the rental contract about?
The rental contract requires you to take full responsibility for the hired bikes and equipment. We expect our bikes to be treated with care. Any abuse or damage will require compensation for repairs or replacements.
What about prices, discounts, and payment?
Goal is to ensure you receive the best value for your money. If you find a better price for the same kind and quality of bikes or equipment elsewhere, provide proof and we will match the price and apply an additional discount. All payments must be made in Euro, cash only; we do not accept cards.
How to book bikes and bike delivery?
Visit their website to select your preferred bikes. For advance bookings of 4+ days, please book as early as possible. For large groups or shorter rentals, contact us directly. For bike delivery, please provide the full address, date, time, and your contact number.
How long may I keep the bike?
The bike may be kept for the duration agreed upon in the contract. If you wish to extend the rental period, please notify us in time to adjust the contract and settle any additional charges at bike return.
What if I have a problem with the bike?
If any issues arise, please contact them immediately. We will strive to resolve the problem as quickly as possible, either by fixing the bike or providing a replacement.
Should we clean the bikes before return?
There is no need to clean the bikes before returning them. Enjoy your ride; cleaning is included in the rental price.
What if I’m dissatisfied with the service?
Customer satisfaction is our primary goal. If there are any concerns, please inform us immediately. It’s crucial for us to be aware so we can address the issue promptly.
What if I’m very satisfied with the service?
We are always pleased to hear positive feedback. Feel encouraged to share your experience with others via reviews and photos on our TripAdvisor, GoogleMaps, and Facebook profiles.