Pješčana beach Pula

Pješčana Beach Pula: Your Ultimate Guide

  • Families
  • Sunbathers
  • Adrenaline seekers
  • Anyone looking for the best beaches in Pula.

List of Amenities

  • Rocky, pebble, and sand beach sections
  • Family-friendly environment
  • Children’s playground
  • Beach lifeguard services
  • Wibit adventures
  • Beach bar for beverages
  • No dogs allowed
  • Part of the stunning Pula
  • Parking near beach
  • Ice cream stalls
  • Fast food outlets
  • Local bakery


Ah, Pješčana Beach! Nestled within the stunning city of Pula, this beach is a haven for those looking to enjoy the Adriatic’s pristine waters, and here’s why:

The beach is a mix of rocky patches, smooth pebbles, and soft sand, offering a unique experience regardless of your beach preference. Families absolutely adore it here – and it’s no wonder. With a friendly environment, it’s the perfect place for little ones to play and make memories. Speaking of kids, the playground is a particular highlight, ensuring hours of fun while parents relax nearby.

Safety? It’s got you covered with vigilant lifeguards always on the lookout. For the thrill-seekers, Pješčana Beach boasts a wibit, making your time in the water even more exhilarating.

Feeling thirsty after your adventure? The beach bar promises cool beverages to quench that thirst. But it’s not all about beverages. Your culinary desires are catered to, thanks to the ice cream stalls, fast food outlets, and the bakery nearby.

Now, a few pointers. Pooch parents should note: no dogs are allowed here. And while the beach is part of the picturesque Pula, parking is free. But as times change, check if there is a parking meter somewhere to avoid possible fines.

Pješčana Beach sunset

Local Tips & Tricks

  • Early Bird Advantage: Arriving early not only guarantees you a prime spot on the beach but also allows you to enjoy the serenity before the crowds pour in.
  • Footwear is Key: While the name Pješčana means ‘sandy’, there are still pebbly sections on the beach. It’s a good idea to wear appropriate water shoes or flip-flops.
  • Beach Eateries: If you’re looking to grab a bite, there are several local cafes and kiosks nearby. However, for a real treat, try the seafood dishes – they’re fresh and delicious.
  • Stay Hydrated: The sun can be intense, especially in the peak of summer. Always bring a bottle of water, or buy one from the kiosks.
  • Shade Spots: While there are areas with natural shade from trees, they get taken up quickly. Consider bringing a sunshade or umbrella if you’re sensitive to the sun.
  • Public Transport: Pješčana Beach is easily accessible via public transport. Buses frequently run from the city center to the beach.
  • Parking Tip: If you’re driving, keep in mind that parking spots near popular beaches fill up quickly in summer. Arriving early or being patient is the key.
  • Respect the Environment: Locals appreciate visitors who respect their beautiful beach. Always ensure you dispose of any waste appropriately.
  • Night Vibes: The beachfront comes alive in the evening with bars and restaurants. Stick around post-sunset for some lively atmosphere.

Opening hours

  • Restoraunts

How to Get Here

Location: Pješčana Uvala, Pula

How to Get There:

  • Start from Pula Center.
  • Take the Pula detour via Prekomorskih brigada street, heading towards Veruda.
  • At the small crossroad known as “Rotor”, look for a sign indicating “Pješčana uvala” and follow it.
  • Continue on “Put za livadine” until you reach another crossroad.
  • Turn onto “Put za Cave Romane” and you’ll arrive at the beach.

Where to park

  • Street parking is available in Pješčana Uvala, but please note it’s paid parking. Plan accordingly and enjoy your time at the beach!


What is Pješčana Uvala Beach?
Pješčana Uvala is a beautiful beach situated close to the city of Pula. It’s known for its fine pebbly sands, clear waters, and a serene atmosphere, making it a popular spot for both locals and tourists.

How do I get to Pješčana Uvala Beach from Pula?
The beach is located only a short distance from Pula’s city center. You can reach it by car, bike, or even on foot if you’re up for a longer walk. There are also local bus services that connect Pula with Pješčana Uvala, making it easily accessible.

Are there facilities and amenities at the beach?
Yes, Pješčana Uvala Beach offers a range of facilities for visitors. You’ll find cafes, restaurants, and bars nearby where you can grab refreshments or a meal. There are also sunbeds and umbrellas available for rent, as well as restrooms and showers.

Is Pješčana Uvala Beach suitable for families?
Absolutely! The beach is family-friendly, with gentle waters that are great for swimming. The pebbly nature of the beach is gentle on the feet, and there are often play areas for children, making it a favorite for families.

Can I engage in water sports or activities at the beach?
Yes, Pješčana Uvala often has vendors offering water sports activities, such as paddleboarding, jet-skiing, or pedal boating. It’s advisable to check with local providers about availability and prices.

Visitors to Pješčana Uvala Beach are sure to enjoy the tranquil ambiance and picturesque setting, making it a must-visit when in the Pula region.