Pizzeria Jupiter Pula

Top Highlights

  • Authentic Italian dishes in the heart of Pula Center
  • Enjoy your meal in outdoor seating, indoor ambiance, or grab a quick takeaway
  • Perfect for families with kid-friendly menu and facilities
  • Exceptional service with a warm and friendly staff
  • Guaranteed quality time with free Wi-Fi and ample parking space

Pizzeria Jupiter: A Taste of Italy in Pula Center

  • Families looking for a child-friendly dining experience
  • Italian cuisine enthusiasts craving for authentic pizza and pasta
  • Travelers in Pula Center searching for a relaxing spot with outdoor seating
  • Foodies wanting a mix of pizza, pasta, seafood, and more
  • Anyone who values quick and friendly service while dining

Pizzeria Jupiter Pula

About Pizzeria Jupiter

  • Cuisine:
    • Pizzeria Jupiter specializes in Italian cuisine, offering a variety of pizzas and other Italian dishes. They also provide some Croatian dishes. Items on the menu include vegetable pizza, tuna steaks, and gnocchi. In addition to pizzas, they serve grilled dishes, pasta, salads, and other Istrian delicacies​.
  • Ambiance and Seating:
    • Patrons can enjoy their meals in a cozy indoor setting, an outdoor seating area, or opt for a quick takeaway. The pizzeria is described as a perfect place for families, thanks to its kid-friendly menu and facilities. It also provides free Wi-Fi and ample parking space, ensuring a comfortable and convenient dining experience​​.
  • Popularity and Tradition:
    • Pizzeria Jupiter is one of the oldest and most famous pizzerias in Pula, boasting a long-standing tradition of quality in preparing gastronomic delights. It’s located close to the center of town and near the ancient Pula Arena, making it a popular choice for both locals and tourists​​.
  • Additional Offerings:
    • Besides its main menu, Pizzeria Jupiter also offers a range of seasonal toppings for its pizzas, and is known for its square slices of pizza, which is somewhat unique​.
  • Reviews and Rankings:
    • It’s highly rated by customers, with a ranking of #13 out of 187 restaurants in Pula on TripAdvisor, and an overall rating of 4 out of 5. The reviews often highlight the quality of the pizza and the friendly service​.

Pizzeria Jupiter in Pula offers a blend of authentic Italian and Croatian flavors in a friendly and comfortable environment, making it a cherished spot for both locals and visitors.

Pizzeria Jupiter Pula

Working hours

The pizzeria is open from 12:00 AM to 11:00 PM

Amenities at Pizzeria Jupiter

  • Indoor and Outdoor Seating: Whether you like the breeze or a cozy corner, choose as per your mood.
  • Takeaway: In a rush? Grab your favorite dishes on the go!
  • Family-friendly: Bring along the kiddos without a second thought.
  • Free Parking: No more parking woes in Pula Center.
  • Free Wi-Fi: Stay connected while you relish your meal.
  • Reservations Accepted: Plan ahead and reserve your spot.

Local Tips & Tricks

  • Best Time to Visit: Weekdays during late afternoons are usually less crowded.
  • Staff Recommendation: Always ask the staff for their daily specials or recommendations!

Contact Info

How to Get There

Location: Center of Pula, Castropola ul. 42


  • Head to the center of Pula.
  • Look out for notable attractions like Zerostrasse and Pula St. Teodor.
  • Find Castropola ul. 42; Pizzeria Jupiter is located there.

Where to park

We recommend checking the where-to-park section for comprehensive parking options. Enjoy your time at Pizzeria Jupiter!


When are the opening hours of Pizzeria Jupiter?
Pizzeria Jupiter is open from 10 AM to 10 PM every day.
How long do I have to wait for my order at Pizzeria Jupiter?
Usually, the waiting time is between 10-15 minutes. However, during peak hours or weekends, it might take a bit longer.
Is Pizzeria Jupiter suitable for large groups or parties?
Absolutely! They have both indoor and outdoor seating to accommodate large groups. Reservations are recommended for bigger parties.
Are there vegetarian or vegan options available?
Yes, they offer a range of vegetarian dishes. For vegan options, it’s best to consult with the staff and they’ll be happy to guide you.
What’s the most popular dish at Pizzeria Jupiter?
While all dishes are loved, their signature pizzas and seafood pasta are among the top favorites.
Do they offer home delivery?
Currently, they offer takeaway services. It’s best to call and check for delivery options.
Is the Wi-Fi free and fast at Pizzeria Jupiter?
Yes, they provide free Wi-Fi to all their customers, and it’s pretty decent in speed.