MEMO Museum of good Memories Pula

Top Highlights

  • Authentic glimpse into life in ex-Yugoslavia
  • Enthralling historical artifacts and exhibitions
  • Prime location in the heart of Pula
  • An immersive experience unlike any other museum
  • Personal testimonies bringing history to life
  • An attraction blending the past and the present

Memo Museum Pula: Delving into the Heart of ex-Yugoslavia

About the Memo Museum Pula

If you’ve ever wanted to dive deep into the enigmatic history of ex-Yugoslavia, the Memo Museum Pula is your ideal destination. As one of Pula’s top attractions, this establishment isn’t just a museum; it’s an immersive experience into an era gone by. Visiting the Pula Memo Museum feels like a personal journey. Every artifact, picture, and story has a voice, telling tales of the time when Yugoslavia was a thriving nation. The personal anecdotes give the museum its heart, making it a unique place where history is not just learned but felt. The museum’s design, exhibits, and the very ambiance captures an essence that speaks volumes about its significance in showcasing Pula’s rich heritage and its connection with Yugoslavia.

MEMO Museum of good Memories

Historical Summary: Walking Through the Pages of Time

The Memo Museum Pula stands as a testament to a time when Pula was an integral part of ex-Yugoslavia. The museum was envisioned as a space to celebrate and remember the Yugoslavian era. Its purpose was not just to serve as a repository of artifacts but also as an educational center where generations could understand and appreciate their roots.

Over the years, the museum has collated a vast collection, showcasing everything from personal memoirs to official documents, each painting a vivid picture of Yugoslavia’s history. The Memo Museum Pula delves deep into significant events ensuring visitors leave with a well-rounded understanding of this pivotal period.

MEMO Museum of good Memories history

When to visit Memo Museum Pula?

The best time to visit the museum is during spring and autumn when Pula sees fewer tourists. This ensures a peaceful and comprehensive museum experience.

What is there to see at Memo Museum Pula?

Every corner of the Memo Museum Pula unveils a different facet of life in ex-Yugoslavia. From authentic documents, photographs, and personal belongings to interactive displays, the museum has something for everyone. Personal testimonies are a highlight, giving visitors a firsthand account of life during this era.

How long does a visit take?

Typically, visitors spend 30 min – 1 hour at the Memo Museum Pula. This allows enough time to explore all the exhibits thoroughly and truly immerse oneself in the historical journey.

What was life like in ex-Yugoslavia?

Life in ex-Yugoslavia was characterized by a mix of cultures, traditions, and political changes. The museum offers an unfiltered look into the day-to-day lives of its citizens, from urban to rural settings, showcasing the diversity and unity of the Yugoslav people.

Local Tips & Tricks

  • Visit during the weekdays for a more personal experience
  • Make sure to check out the [specific section] of the museum for rare artifacts
  • Engage with the museum staff—they have personal stories and insights to share!

When are the opening hours?

The museum is open from 9 am to 5 pm from Monday to Saturday. Sundays are reserved for special events and bookings.

Contact Info

How to Get Here

  • Head towards the center of Pula.
  • Once near the center, find Scalierova 4 street. The museum is situated there, in close proximity to the Arena.
  • The easiest approach is to park nearby and then walk to the museum.

Where to park

  • We recommend checking the where-to-park section for a comprehensive guide on all available parking spaces in the area.


What is the MEMO Museum of Good Memories?
The MEMO Museum of Good Memories is a unique institution dedicated to celebrating and preserving positive and uplifting memories from various cultures, eras, and individuals. It provides an immersive experience for visitors to explore and resonate with shared moments of joy, hope, and nostalgia.

Where is the museum located, and how can I get there?
The MEMO Museum is located at Scalierova ul. 4, 52100, Pula. You can easily reach the museum by public transportation, taxi, or private vehicles. Check local transit websites for the best route and transportation options.

What can I expect to see inside the museum?
Visitors can delve into interactive exhibits that showcase heartwarming memories, personal anecdotes, historical events, and cultural milestones that have left a positive mark on humanity. Multimedia installations, artifacts, and personal narratives combine to create a deeply emotional and moving experience.

Are there any special events or workshops at the museum?
Yes, the MEMO Museum frequently hosts special events, workshops, and discussions centered around the theme of positive memories and the impact of collective experiences. These events aim to foster community, understanding, and shared joy among participants.

What are the museum’s hours of operation and ticket prices?
Always check the museum’s official website for the most up-to-date information on timings and ticketing.