JISTRA Adventures

Discover the Thrill: JISTRA Adventures in Pula

Discover the ultimate sense of freedom with JISTRA Adventures‘ kayak, bike, and SUP tours in Cape Kamenjak, Pula. Whether it’s gliding through hidden sea caves by kayak, cycling through serene trails, or stand-up paddleboarding along the coast, each adventure offers a unique way to experience the stunning natural beauty of Istria. From the quiet countryside to vibrant city streets, tours are designed to showcase the best of the region.

Top Highlights

  • Kayak tours: featuring sea caves and Safari bar at Cape Kamenjak.
  • E-bike/Bike tours: with easy to medium trails suitable for all skill levels.
  • SUP tours: along the beautiful coastline, perfect for all adventurers.
  • Wing foil i E-foil lessons i rental: Experience the thrill of flying above the water with wing foil lessons and e-foil rentals.
  • Flexible rental options: for kayaks, bikes, and SUPs with equipment delivery available across Istria.
  • Expert guidance: by certified adventure tourism professionals from the local area.

About Jistra Adventures

Located in Premantura at the southern tip of Istria, Jistra Adventures is a family-run business specializing in kayak, bike, and SUP tours. Operations are ideally situated at the border of the protected Cape Kamenjak nature park, offering direct access to pristine beaches, bays, cliffs, and sea caves. Experienced, local guides are passionate about introducing you to the hidden gems of the region and ensuring an unforgettable adventure.

Tours Offered

JISTRA Adventures curates a variety of guided tours that showcase the best of Istria’s natural landscapes and historic sites. Each tour is designed to offer an unforgettable experience, whether paddling, cycling, or surfing.

  • Kayak Tours: Includes options for exploring stunning Blue Caves, mesmerizing Sunset tours and many more
  • E-bike/Bike Tours: Coastal rides along the scenic trails of Cape Kamenjak located southernmost point of Istria
  • SUP Tours: Stand-up paddleboarding adventures or a romantic wine sunset experiences.
  • Gastro Tours: Combines activities with tastings of local cuisine.
  • Kayak Cinema: Unique outdoor cinema experience accessible by kayak.
  • Specialized Tours: Including E-Bike, E-Scooter, Boat, WINGFOIL, and E-foil tours & lessons
  • Multi-Day Packages: Extended adventure packages combining different activities.

Kayak tours with cave experience

For lovers of kayaking and sea sports, we embark on a kayak tour of the beauty of Cape Kamenjak. The highlight of our journey will be exploring majestic blue caves, paddling along the coast, promising breathtaking views and a truly unique experience. All you need is a big smile on your face, and this tour becomes an unforgettable adventure with the mystery and beauty of the caves.

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Rental Options

JISTRA Adventures offers for rent:

  • Bike Rentals:
    • MTB Expert Bike
    • MTB Advanced Bike
    • MTB Basic Bike
    • Child Bike (20” and 24”)
    • All bike are Specialized brand
  • E-Bike Rentals:
    • MTB E-Bike
    • Kross Level Boost brend
  • Kayak Rentals:
    • Double Kayak
    • Single Kayak
  • SUP Rentals:
    • Hard SUP
    • Big SUP
    • Inflatable SUP
  • Boat Rentals:
    • Rent a Boat
  • Multisport Rentals:
    • Combo rentals including bikes, kayaks, and SUPs in various configurations.

Available from one day up to twenty days. Their rental service includes delivery to locations such as:

  • Pula
  • Medulin
  • Vodnjan
  • Fažana

Whether for an experienced adventurer or a first-time visitor, they provide the perfect equipment to enhance the exploration of Istria.

For more information on their rental services or to arrange equipment delivery, please visit JISTRA Adventures.

Jistra Adventures is committed to providing tailored and memorable experiences that allow you to explore Istria at your own pace. With expert guides and top-notch equipment, every adventure with us is safe, fun, and enlightening.

Team Building with Jistra Adventures

Elevate your team’s spirit and strengthen bonds with Jistra Adventures’ bespoke team building experiences. Located in the stunning landscapes of Istria, Jistra offers a range of activities designed to foster collaboration and fun. From thrilling kayak expeditions along the coast to engaging bike tours through scenic trails, each adventure is crafted to challenge and unify teams in a dynamic and inspiring environment. Perfect for businesses looking to inspire creativity and teamwork outside the office.

Opening Dates

Open daily from April 1st until November 15th.
Outside these dates, bicycle rentals are available upon request.

Contact Info

How to Get Here

JISTRA Adventures is conveniently located at the border of the protected Cape Kamenjak nature park, within Camp Stupice. Situated near the cities of Pula and Medulin, accessing JISTRA Adventures is straightforward whether you’re coming from local areas or traveling from afar.

From Pula:

  • By Car: Drive south towards Premantura. Follow the signs directing towards Cape Kamenjak. Once in Premantura, head towards Camp Stupice, which is well-signposted. The drive typically takes about 15-20 minutes from central Pula.
  • By Public Transport: Regular bus services are available from Pula to Premantura. Get off at the last stop and walk to Camp Stupice, following the signs to Cape Kamenjak.

From Medulin:

  • By Car: Take the road towards Liznjan from Medulin, then follow signs to Premantura and subsequently to Camp Stupice. The journey should take around 10-15 minutes.
  • By Bike: If you’re feeling adventurous, cycling from Medulin to Camp Stupice offers a scenic route that takes approximately 30 minutes.

Upon arrival at Camp Stupice, follow the signs within the camp to find the JISTRA Adventures base, located right at the entrance to Cape Kamenjak. This prime location offers easy access to all the activities and tours they offer, making it a perfect starting point for your adventure.

Where to park

  • Parking is available at the location.


Who can join kayak / SUP / bike trips?
No previous experience is required. Adequate physical condition is necessary. Each trip includes active and resting times, detailed in the descriptions.
Do we enter the cave by kayak?
Kayaks are parked on the shore, and participants swim 30 meters into the cave.
Are single or double kayaks used on trips?
Double kayaks are generally used, with singles provided when the group number is odd.
Will there be other people in the cave other than our group?
It varies by season, with fewer visitors during off-peak times.
What to bring with you on a trip?
Essentials include non-slipping water slippers, swimsuit, T-shirt, hat, SPF cream, and towel. Minimal items recommended for easier kayaking.
What can I rent at a kayak location before the trip?
Available for rent: Waterproof mobile phone case, hat, water slippers.
When and how will we get photos from the trip?
Photos will be sent via Google Drive within a few days post-trip, available for 20 days.
What if we are late for a trip?
Contact us by phone if late. We can wait up to 10 minutes from the start time.
What happens if the weather conditions change during the trip?
In case of bad weather, safety measures include retreat to safe bays and lifeboat availability.
What if we have a flat tire when renting a bike?
Contact us for in-field repair or return to the rental location. Damages during the lease, except for tires, are chargeable.
Until what time can we return the rented equipment?
Equipment must be returned by the end of working hours, with times varying by season.