Island Kozada-Kotež

Discovering Pula’s Hidden Gem: Island Kozada-Kotež

Top Highlights

  • Historical Austro-Hungarian seaplane station
  • Lush island vegetation
  • Convenient access for small vessels
  • Proximity to other Brijuni islands like Sveti Jerolim

About the Kozada Island

Kozada, locally known as Kotež, is an enchanting uninhabited islet tucked away in the Brijuni archipelago off the vibrant coast of Pula. With an area spanning 7.84 hectares and a coastline stretching over 1.16 kilometers, Kozada offers a unique blend of nature and history. The island is part of a memorable visiting program that allows a full-day stay, ensuring visitors can soak in its beauty at their own pace. Notably, it stands just 500 meters from the mainland, and its proximity to Sveti Jerolim, another island about 400 meters to the west, makes it a strategic spot for island-hopping.

When to Visit

Spring and early summer are ideal for visiting Pula Kozada island. The temperatures are just right, and the lush vegetation of the island is in full bloom, enhancing its beauty.

What is There to See

While Kozada boasts of its pristine natural beauty, it’s the islet’s history that adds a unique charm. Under the Austro-Hungarian rule, the island served as a seaplane station and pilot training center. Today, the remnants of this era can still be witnessed, making it a blend of nature and history.

How Long Does a Visit Take

A full-day trip is recommended to truly appreciate all the facets of Kozada. Whether you’re basking under the sun, exploring the historical landmarks, or simply enjoying the tranquility, there’s plenty to do and see.

Local Tips & Tricks

  • Docking details: Small draft vessels can dock without prior notice or fees. However, it’s essential to be aware of the northeastern side of the islet where a ruined jetty exists. The depth here is around 1.5 meters and gets shallower as you move towards its end.
  • Neighboring attractions: Don’t miss out on visiting Sveti Jerolim. It’s just a quick boat ride away and adds to the island-hopping experience.

Opening Hours

Kozada is open to the public throughout the day. However, it’s best enjoyed during daylight hours to make the most of the scenic views and historical landmarks.

How to Get Here

  • There are local boat services and charters available from the Pula mainland that can take you to Kozada and other islands in the Brijuni archipelago. It’s a short boat ride, making it easily accessible for day-trippers.

Where to Dock Your Boat

  • For those visiting Pula Kozada island by boat, the preferred spot for docking is the northeastern side where the remnants of an old jetty can be found. The jetty, though mostly ruined, offers a suitable location for boats to anchor. However, it’s important to note the depth near the jetty. The water is about 1.5 meters deep in the part where it extends the furthest, and it gets shallower towards the fifth. Just north of the jetty, there’s a ridged bottom stretching for about 100 meters. Boaters should be cautious of these areas to prevent any underwater hazards. Moreover, the island permits docking for small draft vessels without prior notice, and there’s no associated docking fee. But always ensure you adhere to local regulations and respect the environment during your stay.


Is there a specific entry point to Pula Kotež island?
While there’s no official entry point, the ruined jetty on the northeastern side is a popular spot for boats to dock. It offers convenient access for visitors arriving by sea.
Are there any guided tours available on the island?
As of now, there aren’t official guided tours specifically for Kozada. However, many local boat operators and tour guides provide insights and historical context during trips around the Brijuni archipelago, which includes Kozada.
Can I camp overnight on Kozada?
No, overnight camping is not permitted on Kozada. The island is primarily meant for day visits. Visitors are encouraged to respect the natural environment and leave before dusk.
Are there any amenities or facilities on the island?
Kozada is an uninhabited islet, so there aren’t commercial facilities like restaurants or shops. It’s advisable to bring your own essentials, like water, snacks, and sunscreen, especially if you plan to spend the entire day there.
How do I get to Pula Kozada island from the mainland?
There are local boat services and charters available from the Pula mainland that can take you to Kozada and other islands in the Brijuni archipelago. It’s a short boat ride, making it easily accessible for day-trippers.
Is swimming recommended around the island?
Yes, the clear waters around Kozada are perfect for swimming. Just be cautious around the northeastern side, especially near the ruined jetty, as there are some shallow and ridged areas.
What’s the significance of the Austro-Hungarian seaplane station on Kozada?
The seaplane station is a testament to Pula’s rich maritime and aviation history during the Austro-Hungarian rule. While the structures now lay mostly in ruins, they add a historical touch to the natural beauty of the island.
Are pets allowed on the island?
While there’s no strict prohibition against bringing pets, it’s essential to ensure they don’t disturb the natural environment or other visitors. Always keep pets on a leash and clean up after them.