Fantastic Gaming Show in Pula 2024

Experience the Fantastic Gaming Show in Pula: A Must-Visit Event for Gamers

Top Highlights

The Fantastic Gaming Show in Pula is a groundbreaking event for gaming enthusiasts, packed with international esports tournaments, influencer meet-and-greets, educational panels, and vibrant cosplay competitions.

Event Schedule

Friday, May 31

Main Stage

09:00 Opening: Istria County, City of Pula, TZ, and Fantastic Esports
09:30 Keynote: Potentials of Gaming and Esports in Istria County (Ivan Tadić and Melita Nikolčić, Istria County and TZ)
10:00 Show: White Shark
10:30 Workshop: Creative Workshop
11:00 Giveaway: Aerial Acrobatics (Cirkus NIT)
11:30 Keynote: Creating Future Jobs with Drone STEM Educational Kit “FPV Ace” (Dragan Kovačević)
12:00 Giveaway: Big 3 Anime Shop
12:30 Competition: Orqa – Drone Racing
13:00 Keynote: Gamification and Gaming in Education – Differences (Leon Jurčić, Senior Advisor for Physics at the Agency for Education)
13:30 Panel: Women in Gaming (Melita Nikolčić, Monika Marković Šurina, Bruna Tonković, Maria Jovanović, Mia Krajlević Čalasun)
14:00 Giveaway: Antec
15:00 Panel: Esports Tourism: The World of Virtual Competitions (Ivan Tadić, Ilija Stojović, Luka Kulišić, Goran Kuzmić)
16:00 Show: Breakdance AB Original
16:30 Giveaway: Fantastic Gaming Show
17:00 Show: Dance Studio Saltatrix
17:30 Giveaway: Logitech
18:00 Panel: Influencers (Shipbroman, Bibo TV, Toni Baloni, Lavek)
18:30 Show: Dance Studio Saltatrix
19:00 Giveaway: Fantastic Gaming Show

Esport Stage

11:00 – 16:00 FC 24 Adriatic League
16:00 – 17:30 Tekken 8
11:00 – 16:00 CS2 Tournament

Saturday, June 1

Main Stage

11:30 Program Start
12:00 Show: Dance Studio Saltatrix
12:30 Keynote: Pula Gaming Studio AionBlaze (Ivan Prišć, Sanjin Srdoć, Anton Berojević)
13:00 Giveaway: Fantastic Gaming Show
13:30 Keynote: A Unique Combination of Knowledge, Innovation, and Teamwork (Formula Student Alpe Adria, Tibor Krezelj)
14:00 Giveaway: Antec
14:30 Show: Highline (Unity TWG)
15:00 Show: Fantastic Cosplay Powered by Rio Mare
16:00 Giveaway: Logitech
16:30 Keynote: Expo GameRi – How to Produce Innovative Events (Marta Glazer, Valentina Yojev)
17:00 Panel: Study of Informatics in Pula
18:00 Giveaway: White Shark
19:00 Show: Dance Studio Saltatrix
19:30 Giveaway: Rač
20:00 Program End

Esport Stage

11:00 – 17:00 Valorant Tournament
17:00 – 21:00 FC24 eAdriatic League Semifinals and Finals

Party Zone (Esport Hall)

22:00 After Party (Trinity Entertainment Group)

If you’re a gamer, tech enthusiast, or someone who enjoys vibrant festivals, this event is perfect for you. Families, solo travelers, and groups of friends will all find something to enjoy at this unique festival.

About Fantastic Gaming Show

Welcome to the Fantastic Gaming Show – the first gaming festival in Istria, taking place from May 31st to June 1st, 2024, at the Dom sportova Mate Parlov in Pula! This event is dedicated to all gaming lovers, bringing tournaments, exhibitions of the latest titles, educational panels on gaming, tourism, and education, cosplay competitions, and plenty of fun for all ages. Join the Fantastic Gaming Show and explore the world of gaming in a unique way.

When and Where to Visit

The Fantastic Gaming Show will be held from May 31st to June 1st, 2024. The venue is Dom sportova Mate Parlov, located at Trg kralja Tomislava 7, Pula.

What is There to See

Esports Tournaments

Fantastic Gaming Show Tournaments

Witness international esports tournaments featuring popular games

  • FC24
  • Counter-Strike 2
  • Valorant
  • Tekken 8

The competitive atmosphere is electrifying and a must-see for any gaming enthusiast.


  • Explore exhibits from top gaming equipment manufacturers and video game developers. Discover the latest in gaming technology and try out new releases.


  • Meet your favorite gaming influencers and stars. This is a rare opportunity to see them in person, get autographs, and even take photos.


  • Enjoy the spectacle of top-notch cosplay with incredible costumes of beloved characters from video games, anime, and movies. It’s a visual feast and a chance to appreciate the creativity and dedication of cosplayers.


  • Attend educational panels where successful speakers share their secrets to success in gaming and beyond. Gain insights into the industry and learn new skills.


  • Take a trip down memory lane and explore the history of video games and consoles. It’s a nostalgic journey that showcases the evolution of gaming.


  • After the competitions and learning sessions, unwind at the festival’s lively parties. Celebrate with fellow gamers and enjoy the vibrant atmosphere.



One-day ticket: 10 EUR
Festival ticket: 15 EUR
VIP ticket: 60 EUR

Tickets are available for purchase on the official website.

Recap of the Fantastic Gaming Show in Pula 2024

The Fantastic Gaming Show in Pula 2024 marked its first year with great success. The event featured numerous interesting lectures, drawing the attention of many gaming enthusiasts. The organization was commendable, ensuring that everything ran smoothly and efficiently.

Among the notable attendees were popular YouTubers Bibo TV and Toni Baloni, who added an extra layer of excitement to the event. Their presence attracted many fans and created a vibrant atmosphere.

For a first-year event, we must commend the organizers for their excellent work. We hope that the Fantastic Gaming Show will continue next year and that it will grow even larger, attracting more participants and delivering even more engaging content annually.

Contact Info

How to Get Here

Located in the Veruda neighborhood of Pula, Dom Sportova Mate Parlov is easily accessible. Follow these simple directions to ensure you reach the venue without any hassle:

  • From the city center, take the main road and follow the signs towards Veruda.
  • Continue straight, keeping an eye out for the clearly marked signs directing you to “Dom Sportova Mate Parlov”.
  • The venue offers ample parking, so you don’t have to worry about finding a spot.

Where to park

  • The venue offers plenty of free parking on the premises, so you don’t have to worry about finding a spot.


Pictures Fantastic Gaming Show in Pula 2024


What are the event dates?
The Fantastic Gaming Show will take place from May 31st to June 1st, 2024.
Where is the venue located?
The event will be held at Dom sportova Mate Parlov, Trg kralja Tomislava 7, Pula.
How much do tickets cost?
One-day tickets are 10 EUR, festival tickets are 15 EUR, and VIP tickets are 60 EUR.
What can I expect at the event?
You can expect international esports tournaments, exhibitions from top gaming manufacturers, influencer meet-and-greets, cosplay competitions, educational panels, a retro gaming section, and parties.
How can I contact the organizers?
You can contact the organizers via email at or phone at +385 95 550 6479. Follow them on Instagram and Facebook for updates.

Join the Fantastic Gaming Show and immerse yourself in a world of gaming like never before. Whether you’re there for the competitions, the latest tech, or just to have fun, it’s an event you won’t want to miss!