Fenoliga Island

Discovering Fenoliga Island: Journey into the Jurassic

Nestled in the heart of Pula’s archipelago, Fenoliga Island might not seem imposing at first glance, but this unassuming landmass holds the footsteps of giants literally.


Imagine stepping onto a beach where, instead of footprints in the sand, you find dinosaur tracks etched in stone. That’s Fenoliga Island for you—a modest size marvel in the Pula Islands that’s home to an astonishing collection of over 90 million-year-old dinosaur footprints. It’s not just a site; it’s a snapshot of ancient life, miraculously preserved.

Top Highlights

  • Walk Among Giants: Encounter the prehistoric trails left by dinosaurs.
  • A Tapestry of History: Uncover tales from the Jurassic era to Roman intrigues.
  • Exclusive Isolation: Experience the untouched beauty of one of the Pula Islands’ best-kept secrets.
  • Nature’s Masterpiece: Marvel at the geological formations preserving history.

Historical Journey

Embarking on a historical journey at Fenoliga is like leafing through the pages of a living history book. From the moment you set foot here, you’re walking on the same ground that colossal Theropods and majestic Sauropods once dominated.

Historical Facts

The history of Fenoliga isn’t just etched in its rocks; it’s steeped in legends. It was here in 326 AD that Crispo met his mysterious end—caught in a lethal family drama that would make modern soap operas pale in comparison. The island’s narrative is a captivating blend of prehistoric wonder and ancient Roman saga.

When to Visit

The best time to visit Fenoliga Island is during the late spring or early autumn months. You’ll avoid the peak summer crowds and still enjoy the Mediterranean’s temperate embrace.

What is There to See

It’s not just the footprints; it’s the entire island that’s a spectacle. With a coastline of just over 600 meters and a peak that modestly rises to 6 meters, every inch of Fenoliga offers something special. The raw beauty of the island is its own exhibit, one that has remained largely unchanged for millions of years.

How Long Does a Visit Take

A typical visit to Fenoliga can last anywhere from a few hours to a full day, depending on your pace and interest. There’s no rush here; the footprints have waited millions of years for you.

Local Tips & Tricks

Locals know that the island’s isolation is its greatest protector. To truly experience Fenoliga, take your time. Bring a good camera, wear sturdy shoes, and prepare for a small adventure. The sea currents around are tricky; always approach by boat, never by swimming.

Opening Hours

Fenoliga Island is open to visitors throughout the year, but boat services are subject to weather conditions. Always check local listings and weather reports before planning your trip.

How to Get Here

Fenoliga Island is located next to Lighthouse Porer accessible by boat from the Istrian peninsula. To visit, you can take a boat from the nearby town of Premantura, which is located near the southern tip of Istria, close to Cape Kamenjak. Boats typically leave from the marina and can be arranged either as part of a guided tour or as a private charter. Make sure to check the boat schedules in advance, as they can vary depending on the season and weather conditions. Visitors should also be aware that the last stretch of the journey involves a short walk on a rocky path, so wearing appropriate footwear is recommended.

Where to park

  • Once you’ve entered Cape Kamenjak, parking is available at no cost.
  • However, do remember that while parking is free, there is a fee for entering Cape Kamenjak.


Is Fenoliga Island easy to access?
While it’s only accessible by boat, with careful planning, a visit to Fenoliga Island is an accessible adventure for those staying in or near Pula.
Are there any facilities on Fenoliga Island?
Fenoliga is uninhabited and unspoiled by modern facilities. Visitors should come prepared with everything they need for the day.
Can I take a piece of rock or fossil from the island?
No. It is vital to preserve the integrity of this natural museum. Leave nothing but footprints—in the non-literal sense!
Is it suitable for children?
Absolutely! It’s a fantastic educational experience for children interested in dinosaurs or history, though the terrain may be challenging for the very young.
Do I need a guide to visit the island?
A guide is not mandatory but highly recommended to fully appreciate the historical and paleontological context of the footprints.
What should I wear during my visit?
Comfortable, sturdy footwear and weather-appropriate clothing are a must for the uneven terrain and potential absence of shade.
How can I respect the natural environment on Fenoliga?
Stay on marked paths, do not touch or damage the footprints, and take any litter back with you.
Is swimming recommended around the island?
Due to strong sea currents, swimming is discouraged. Always prioritize safety and approach by boat.