Bi Dog beach Valbandon

Top Highlights

  • Situated in the picturesque location of Valbandon.
  • Expansive area catering to both humans and their furry friends.
  • Features a partly rocky shoreline offering a unique beach experience.
  • Convenient paid parking available nearby.
  • Well-maintained with trash cans for cleanliness and eco-responsibility.

Dog Beach Vabandon – A Pula Paradise for Your Pooch

  • Dog lovers and pet owners searching for a beach retreat.
  • Visitors to Pula looking for a unique beach experience.
  • Families who wish to spend a day with their canine companions.
  • Travelers eager to explore offbeat locations in Pula.

About Dog Beach Vabandon

Oh, Pula! The sparkling jewel of the Croatian coast is not just a paradise for the two-legged tourists; it has a special spot for our four-legged pals too. Enter the Dog Beach Vabandon – a little haven where your furry friend can play, splash, and roll in the sand to its heart’s content.

When you hear “Pula Dog beach,” your mind might conjure up images of sandy shores and wagging tails, and you wouldn’t be far off. This beach, tucked away in Valbandon, is a sprawling stretch ideal for both dogs and their owners to relax and rejuvenate.

Now, it’s worth noting that while the beach is grand in size, its entry is partly rocky. This gives the place a bit of a rugged charm, making your beach experience slightly different from the usual sandy ones. For the cautious ones, it might be a good idea to have water shoes. And for the furry ones? They might find the little rocks intriguing, perfect for their curious paws.

Parking, often a hassle in touristy places, is surprisingly smooth here. There’s paid parking available nearby. So, you can drive down with your pooch, park your vehicle, and dive into the fun without much ado.

One thing to keep in mind, especially for those visiting during the peak seasons, is that the Dog Beach can get quite crowded. However, the upside? You’ll always find a spot. It’s that expansive. Plus, there’s something heartwarming about watching a multitude of dogs, of various breeds and sizes, playing together, don’t you think?

For the environment-conscious travelers, it’s reassuring to know that there are trash cans nearby. So, as you play fetch or picnic with your pooch, you can ensure the beach remains as pristine as you found it.

To sum it up, the Dog Beach Vabandon offers a perfect blend of natural beauty and amenities, making it a must-visit for every Pula dog lover.

How to Get Here

  • Located in Valbandon.
  • From Pula, take Fažanska road and then Puljska street.
  • The easiest way to locate the beach is by looking for harbor Valbandont. The beach is just a couple of minutes’ walk from there.

Where to park

Two parking options near the harbor:

  1. Free parking on the left side of the harbor.
  2. Paid parking on the right side of the harbor.


Wags, Waves, and Woofs: The Perfect Day Out for Your Furry Friend!

What is the Dog Beach Vabandon known for?
The Dog Beach Vabandon is renowned as a spacious beach in Valbandon, Pula, dedicated to dogs and their owners, featuring a partly rocky shoreline.

Is there parking available near the beach?
Yes, there’s paid parking conveniently located close to the Dog Beach Vabandon.

Does the beach get crowded?
Depending on the season, the beach can get quite crowded. However, due to its size, visitors can always find a spot.

Are there any facilities for disposing of waste?
Absolutely! There are trash cans nearby to ensure the beach remains clean.

Is the Dog Beach suitable for all breeds of dogs?
Yes, the beach is expansive and caters to dogs of all breeds and sizes.

Is there an entry fee for the Dog Beach Vabandon?
While the beach itself doesn’t have an entry fee, there is a fee for the nearby parking.

How accessible is the Dog Beach Vabandon from the main parts of Pula?
The Dog Beach Vabandon is conveniently located in Valbandon and is easily accessible from the main areas of Pula.

Can I visit the beach even if I don’t have a dog?
Certainly! Even if you don’t have a dog, you can still enjoy the beach’s beauty and the joyous sight of dogs playing around.