Cyclone Beach Pula

Cyclone Beach Pula: Your Must-Visit Coastal Gem

  • Families seeking a peaceful beach day.
  • Beach enthusiasts in search of Pula’s top attractions.
  • Travelers keen on exploring Pula’s best beaches.
  • Anyone in search of a serene coastal escape.

List of Amenities

  • Cave
  • Lots of shady places
  • Places who loves the thrill of jumping to watter off cliffs
  • Cristal clear water
  • Snorkeling
  • Free parking
  • Rocky and pebble beach
  • No dogs policy


About Pula Cyclone Beach

Ah, Pula Cyclone Beach. Nestled along the Pula Stoja coastline, this attraction isn’t just another spot on the map; it’s an experience. If you’ve been longing for that perfect blend of a rocky and pebble beach, Pula Cyclone Beach offers you exactly that.

The ambiance? Casual and serene. What I personally love about this place is how it caters to families. With its family-friendly nature, parents can let their kids frolic without a worry. Moreover, if you’re someone who prefers a beach not overrun by dogs, then you’re in luck! Pula Cyclone Beach respects its visitors’ preferences by maintaining a strict no dogs policy.

One of the most appreciated features (especially if you’re driving) is the free parking. In many Pula beaches, you might find yourself scrounging for parking space. But here, you drive up, park your vehicle, and walk straight into the comforting embrace of the sea.

Local Tips & Tricks

  • Reach early to get the best spot on the beach.
  • Don’t forget to visit Seagull rocks!
  • If you’re looking for peace, weekdays are less crowded.

How to Get Here

  • Situated in Stoja.
  • Follow signs for Veruda/Stoja.
  • After passing the Beach and Wake Park, take Fižela road.

Where to park

  • Parking is free.
  • On-site parking available.


Where is Cyclone Beach located in Pula?
Visitors can easily find it by following signs or asking locals for directions.
What type of beach is Cyclone Beach?
Cyclone Beach are rocky and pebble beach
Are there facilities or amenities available at Cyclone Beach?
No there are no amenities, place is for lovers of rocky beaches.
Is Cyclone Beach family-friendly?
Absolutely! Cyclone Beach is suitable for families with children. However, as with any beach, parents should always supervise their children.
How can I reach Cyclone Beach from Pula’s city center?
Cyclone Beach is easily accessible from the city center. There are also parking facilities nearby for those driving.