CineStar Pula

CineStar Pula: The Quarry Cinema Experience You Can’t Miss!

Top Highlights

  • Built in a historic quarry setting.
  • Unique cinematic ambiance unlike any other.
  • Convenient location in the heart of Pula.
  • State-of-the-art technology and comforts.
  • Local and international film selections.

About the CineStar Pula

Located in the heart of Istria, in Max City shopping center at Ulica Stoja 14A, 52100 Pula, Croatia,
CineStar Pula stands as the largest cinema in the region. The cinema made its grand debut in November 2018,
boasting three spacious cinema halls with an aggregate seating capacity of 459.

The cinema houses state-of-the-art Barco laser projectors, elevating the movie-viewing experience for its patrons.
The inception of CineStar Pula marked a significant milestone, being the first multiplex cinema in Pula.
Pula, renowned for its cultural richness, is not only a notable city in Istria but also the eighth largest city in Croatia.

When to Visit

Visiting CineStar Pula can be a fantastic experience at any time of the year, but the timing of your visit depends on your personal preferences and the kind of experience you are looking for. The summer months, being the peak of the tourist season in Pula, offer a lively atmosphere and are often ideal for evening outings and enjoying movies after a day spent exploring the city. For those who prefer a quieter environment, the off-season months might be a better choice, with fewer crowds and possibly even more affordable ticket prices. Regardless of when you decide to visit, CineStar Pula offers a diverse repertoire that caters to various tastes, from the latest blockbuster movies to independent and local productions.

What is There to See

At CineStar Pula, there’s much more to see than just the latest films. This modern cinema complex, located within the historical setting of Pula, offers a unique blend of contemporary entertainment and cultural heritage. Visitors can enjoy a range of cinematic experiences, from high-definition blockbusters in state-of-the-art theaters to special screenings of art-house and independent films.

The architecture and design of the cinema itself are also worth admiring, combining modern amenities with tasteful decor that reflects the rich cinematic history. Additionally, the CineStar Pula often hosts various events and festivals, providing opportunities to catch exclusive screenings and participate in film-related gatherings.

Beyond the screens, the cinema’s location in the Max City shopping center adds another layer of attraction. Guests can explore a variety of shops, dining options, and leisure activities in the vicinity, making a visit to CineStar Pula a comprehensive entertainment experience.

How Long Does a Visit Take

The duration of a visit to CineStar Pula can vary depending on your plan and interests. If you’re coming just to watch a movie, the length of your visit will depend on the duration of the film itself, plus additional time for arriving and leaving the cinema, buying snacks or drinks, and so on. Typically, you can expect the total duration of the visit to be around 2 to 3 hours, including the movie and time spent in the cinema before and after the screening.

If you plan to spend more time exploring the additional amenities offered by CineStar Pula and the Max City shopping center, your visit could last significantly longer. By including time for shopping, a meal at one of the center’s restaurants or cafes, your visit can easily extend to a full day.

Local Tips & Tricks

  • Best Times to Visit: To avoid crowds, consider visiting during weekday afternoons or late evenings. Weekends and evenings are usually busier, especially during new movie releases.

  • Buying Tickets: Purchase tickets online in advance to secure your preferred seats and avoid long lines at the ticket counter.

  • Snack Wisely: Check out the concession stand for some local snack options. Sometimes, cinemas offer regional specialties in addition to the classic popcorn and soda.

  • Parking Tips: Utilize the free parking at Max City’s underground garage. It’s convenient and saves time, especially on busy days.

  • Combine Your Visit: Since the cinema is located in the Max City shopping center, you can combine your movie outing with some shopping or dining in the same complex.

  • Early Arrival: Arrive 20-30 minutes early to find good seats, especially if you haven’t pre-booked your tickets. This also gives you enough time to buy snacks and settle in.

  • Stay Updated: Keep an eye on the cinema’s website or social media pages for special events, discounts, and film festivals that might be happening during your visit.

  • Dress Comfortably: Theaters can sometimes be chilly, so it’s a good idea to bring a light sweater or jacket, even in the summer.

Opening Hours

Monday to Sunday: 10:00 AM – 12:00 AM


Ticket prices vary based on movie type and time…


Contact Info

How to Get Here

  • Navigating to CineStar Pula is a breeze! Nestled in the heart of Max City, this iconic cinema destination stands as a landmark in its own right.
  • Head towards the prominent Stoja region in Pula. Once you’re in the vicinity, follow the signs for Max City. Parking spaces are ample, so you won’t have a tough time finding a spot for your vehicle.

Where to park

  • Parking in the “underground garage” at Max city and parking is free there. Make sure to follow any posted signs or guidelines when entering and parking to ensure you’re in the correct spot and adhering to any rules.


Can I pre-book my tickets?
Absolutely! Pre-booking is available online…
Is there parking available at the cinema?
Yes, there is ample parking space available, including a free underground garage at Max City.
Do they screen international movies?
Certainly! The cinema showcases both local and international films.
Can I host private events at the cinema?
Yes, the cinema has provisions for private screenings and events.
Are there any special discounts for students or seniors?
Indeed! CineStar Pula offers discounted rates for both students and seniors.

Experience the enchanting merger of history and entertainment at CineStar Pula…