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Explore the stunning landscapes and rich history of Istria on two wheels with our expertly guided bike tours.

Top Highlights

  • Unique tours along the Adriatic coast and through historic Roman sites.
  • Customizable experiences suitable for all skill levels, from beginners to experienced cyclists.
  • Options to combine cycling with gastronomic and wine-tasting experiences.
  • State-of-the-art equipment, including the latest models of mountain and electric bikes.

About Bike Tours Istria

Bike Tours Istria, a premier cycling tour company, offers unique guided experiences that reveal the breathtaking beauty and historical treasures of Istria. Professional team of passionate and experienced guides ensures that every tour is memorable, safe, and tailored to meet the desires of our guests.

Bike Tours Offered by Bike Tours Istria

Cape Kamenjak – Nature Reserve

Distance: 40 km / 25 miles


  • Explore a unique and protected nature area with dinosaur tracks.
  • Visit hidden beaches for a pure nature experience.
  • Enjoy refreshments at a Beach Bar.
  • Optional wine tasting available.

Pula’s Old Town, Beaches & Fortifications Tour

Distance: 20 km / 13 miles


  • Discover the city’s impressive heritage and 3,000-year-old history.
  • Cycle along the beautiful beaches of Pula.
  • Admire the Austro-Hungarian fortifications.

Rovinj E-Bike Tour

Distance: 40 km / 25 miles


  • Ride modern Cube e-bikes.
  • Travel through quiet country roads, passing vineyards and olive groves.
  • Enjoy panoramic sea views.
  • Optional wine tasting available.

Parenzana Bike Tour

Distance: 40 km / 25 miles


  • Visit Groznjan, known as the “City of Artists.”
  • Explore Livade, a popular truffle destination.
  • Discover the medieval town of Motovun.
  • Enjoy dining in the beautiful setting of a local tavern.

Types of Tours Available:

  • Family Tours: Safe and scenic routes perfect for family outings.
  • E-Bike Tours: Use electric bikes to cover more ground with less effort.
  • Gourmet Tours: Combine cycling with culinary experiences, such as wine tasting and local cuisine.
  • Guided Tours: Follow a knowledgeable guide who will provide insights into the areas visited.
  • Self-Guided Tours: Explore at your own pace with provided maps and route advice.
  • Custom Tours: Tailor a tour specifically to your interests and group needs.

Our recommendation

Tour Cape Kamenjak

The bike tour from Pula to Kamenjak offers an unforgettable experience of exploring the Istrian coastline. Starting in Pula, cyclists are led through picturesque landscapes on the way to the peninsula of Kamenjak. Here, you can admire the untouched nature, crystal-clear sea, and hidden coves. The tour includes cycling along the coast, allowing you to enjoy the beautiful scenery before returning to Pula.

Rental Options

E-Bike Electric Bike Rental in Pula

Experience effortless cycling with our high-quality electric mountain bikes (e-MTB), designed for stability and powerful performance. Perfect for exploring Pula and beyond without breaking a sweat.

Features of Our E-Bikes:

  • Model: Reaction Hybrid HPA Race, available as a 29er or with 27.5in wheels.
  • Frame: Aluminium Superlite, ARG, Double Butted, Disc Only.
  • Fork: Rock Shox Recon Silver TK Air, 100mm, PopLoc.
  • Brake System: Shimano BR-M506, Hydraulic Disc Brake (180/160).
  • Battery: Bosch Power Pack 500, lasts up to 75 km.
  • Weight: 20 kg.

What is an Electric Bike? An electric bike assists your pedaling with a motor that activates only when you pedal, and shuts off when you brake, ensuring a safe ride. Ideal for both seasoned cyclists and beginners, it allows you to enjoy longer rides with less fatigue.

Bike Service and Repairs

With years of experience in cycling and a deep passion for adventure, they offer expert bike service and repairs. Dedicated team is skilled in maintaining our fleet to the highest standards, ensuring a reliable and smooth riding experience.

Bike Service Includes:

  • Regular maintenance and repairs.
  • Upgrades and custom modifications.
  • Comprehensive checks to ensure each bike is in top condition.

Bike service center is conveniently located in travel agency’s office, making it easily accessible for all cyclists in need of assistance. Whether you need a quick fix or major repairs, team is ready to help you get back on track.

Opening Dates

Bikes are available for rental throughout the year at the agency’s office.
Whether planning a winter ride or a summer adventure, services are accessible any time visitors choose to explore.

Contact Info

How to Get Here

Maremonti is located in the heart of Pula, conveniently close to the famous Arena Pula. Easily accessible from any part of the city, the venue is well-served by local transport and is within walking distance from major tourist spots and accommodations in the city center. Whether you’re strolling through Pula’s historic streets or exploring its vibrant marketplaces, finding Maremonti near the Arena is straightforward for any visitor.

Where to park

  • Street Parking is available at the location.


What are Bike Tours Istria?
Bike Tours Istria offers guided tours through Roman history along the Adriatic coast, visiting archaeological sites, nature parks, and beautiful bays. It’s a unique way to explore Istria’s beauties.
What highlights can I expect from the tours?
Expect to see protected nature areas, dinosaur tracks, hidden beaches, city heritage, medieval towns, and enjoy optional wine tasting.
What types of bike tours are available?
There are family, e-bike, gourmet, guided, self-guided, and custom tours available.
Can I rent a bike or bike gear?
Yes, high-quality electric mountain bikes and gear are available for rent, ensuring a comfortable ride.
What is an electric bike?
An electric bike assists your pedaling with a motor that helps only when you pedal and turns off when you brake, allowing for a safe and enjoyable ride.
Where is the bike service located?
The bike service is located at Maremonti Istra Ltd, Flavijevska 22, 52100 Pula, offering repairs, maintenance, and upgrades.
What if it rains during the tour?
If it rains, you should still turn up for the tour as weather can be localized. If heavy rain continues, you have the option to cancel with a full refund or reschedule.
How do I book a tour and what does the price include?
Book in advance via office, phone, email, or online. The price includes bike rental, helmet, water, guide, and VAT. Discounts are available for bringing your own bike or for groups and families.