Ambrela Beach Pula

Ambrela Beach Pula: Your Perfect Getaway in Croatia’s Hidden Gem

    • Families
    • Couples
    • Solo travelers looking for a serene, well-equipped beach in Pula with a dash of adventure

List of Amenities

    • Rocky and pebble beach stretches.
    • Changing rooms.
    • Family-friendly atmosphere.
    • Showers to freshen up.
    • No dogs allowed.
    • Dedicated kids’ park.
    • Beachside bar for refreshments.
    • Massage services for relaxation.
    • Wide range of water sports activities.
    • Speedboat-free zone ensuring safety and serenity.
    • Free parking – a real boon for visitors.

About Ambrela Beach Pula

Nestled in the scenic embrace of Pula Verudela, Ambrela Beach presents an enticing getaway for those seeking the quintessential beach experience in Pula, Croatia. As you approach the tourist resort of Verudela, the beach warmly greets you at its entrance, promising a day of sun-soaked adventures. Ambrela Beach, also known as St John Cove beach, is a cherished haven, particularly among families with young children. The beach is highly accessible, with a public parking lot merely a few meters away, making it a breeze for visitors to find their way to this seaside retreat.

As you step onto Ambrela, the gentle crunch of pebbles underfoot accompanies you, while the sight of rocky boulders scattered along the shore adds a rugged charm to the soft pebble-strewn landscape. The beach offers a gentle slope to the crystal clear waters, allowing for a safe and enjoyable frolic in the sea, especially for the little ones. The surrounding autochthonous holm oak trees provide a welcoming canopy, offering a respite from the sun while adding a touch of verdant beauty to the beach’s ambiance.

One of Ambrela Beach’s crowning glories is its Blue Flag certification, a testament to the pristine water quality and well-maintained amenities that await visitors. This prestigious accolade is a beacon for environmental excellence, making Ambrela not just a beautiful, but a responsible choice for beachgoers.

The popularity of Ambrela Beach isn’t confined to the tourist populace; it’s a well-loved spot among the locals too, often hailed as one of the best city beaches in Pula. Whether you’re a local seeking a quick escape or a traveler hunting for the perfect beach spot, Ambrela Beach delivers a blend of natural beauty, family-friendly atmosphere, and a promise of unforgettable seaside memories.

So, as you plan your next beach outing, let the serene and beautiful Ambrela Beach be at the top of your list. With its blend of pebbly and rocky shores, clear tranquil waters, and a friendly, welcoming atmosphere, Ambrela Beach is more than just a beach; it’s a slice of Pula’s coastal paradise waiting to be discovered.

Local Tips & Tricks

  • Reach early to get the best spot, especially during peak season.
  • If you’re looking for more privacy, the rocky parts of the beach are less frequented.
  • Always keep an eye out for daily water sports offers; sometimes you might snag a deal!

Opening hours

  • E&D caffe i restaurant: 08:00 – 23:00
  • Ambrela Bistro & Beach Bar: 10:00 – 20:00

How to Get Here

  • Location: Ambrela Beach is situated in the heart of Pula Verudela.
  • Driving Direction: Simply follow the road leading to Verudela. Continue on this road until you come to its end. Once you’re there, you’ve reached Ambrela Beach.

Where to park

  • Location: Directly in front of E&D Caffe.
  • Cost: Great news! Parking here is free for visitors.
  • Additional Feature: The parking area also includes an Electric Vehicle charging station for those traveling in electric cars.


Embark on your journey to Ambrela Beach Pula and bask in the serene beauty that Pula has to offer. From family fun to solo relaxation, it’s a haven for all. Safe travels!

Are pets allowed at Ambrela Beach?
No, Ambrela Beach maintains a strict no-dogs policy.
What kind of water sports can I enjoy at Ambrela?
From jet skiing to paddle boarding, there’s a variety to choose from.
Is the beach suitable for children?
Absolutely! It’s family-friendly, with a dedicated kids’ park.
Are there food and drinks available on the beach?
Yes, there’s a bar that serves refreshments and light snacks.
How much does it cost to park at Ambrela Beach?
Parking is absolutely free for visitors.
Can I book a massage in advance?
Usually, you can book on the spot, but during peak times, it’s recommended to inquire and book a bit in advance.
Is the beach crowded during off-peak months?
No, visiting during the shoulder months ensures a more relaxed experience.
Are there lifeguards present on the beach?
Yes, for the safety of visitors, lifeguards are on duty during operational hours.