Pula City Day - May 5

From May 1 - May 5, 2024

Pula City Day Celebrations

Pula City Day is a vibrant celebration that encapsulates the spirit and heritage of Pula, a historic city on the Istrian peninsula. This annual event, kicking off on May 1st, offers a spectacular array of activities designed to entertain and engage visitors of all ages and interests. Experience the rich tapestry of Pula’s history through music, theater, and traditional ceremonies. Witness the city come alive with the sounds and performances of local and regional artists at various venues, including the iconic Pula Arena and the recently renovated Istrian National Theater. From lively concerts at Hidrobaza to operatic performances and film screenings, there’s something to capture the heart of every visitor. Children and families can enjoy dedicated events and activities, making it a perfect outing for everyone. Indulge in local cuisine and crafts at the traditional gatherings, where you can taste and explore the local lifestyle. Sports enthusiasts can look forward to special events, including the opening of new sports facilities with potential appearances by national athletes. Pula City Day is not just a celebration; it’s an opportunity to immerse yourself in the life of the city, appreciate its architectural beauty, and participate in its community spirit. Whether you’re a history buff, a music lover, or simply in search of a lively, family-friendly environment, Pula City Day promises memorable experiences and joyful discoveries. Make sure to mark your calendar and join the festivities in this enchanting Croatian city!

Kick Off

The festivities kick off on May 1st in the Šijanska Forest, signaling the start of an extensive series of events celebrating Pula City Day. The opening day promises a traditional gathering featuring a variety of food, activities for all ages, and continuous musical entertainment.

Pula City Day

Music Events

From May 1st to 4th, Hidrobaza will be the hub for music enthusiasts. Organized by Rock Caffe and partners, the venue will host a lineup of diverse artists:

  • May 1: Performances by Alen Vitasović, Fun Box Band, Monarho,
    and Studio of Musical Creativity Čarobna Frule.
  • May 2: Concerts by Opča Opasnosta and Big Wave.
  • May 3: Performances by Gustafi and Šajeta.
  • May 4: Festival closes with Giuliano & Diktator and Night Express.
Hidrobaza Beach Pula

Theater Highlights:
The Istrian National Theater – Pula City Theater, recently renovated, becomes a cultural focal point. On May 4, the Great Stage will reopen with a special performance of the opera “Istrian Wedding” by Antoni Smareglia, featuring artists from the Rijeka Croatian National Theater of Ivan the Noble Zajc. This event coincides with multiple anniversaries:

95th anniversary of Smaregli’s death.
170th anniversary of his birth.
35th anniversary of the Pula theater’s reconstruction.
20th anniversary of the theater’s renaming to the Istrian National Theater.

Sports and Recreation:
Football fans can look forward to the official opening of the Valkane football field around May 20. The event is expected to feature appearances by members of the Croatian national football team.

Film and Traditional Programs:

A film tribute to Martin Bizjak will be shown at Kino Valli on City Day.
On May 6, traditional programs will celebrate Antonio Smareglia, highlighted by a performance from KUD “Lino Mariani”.